• [#4782] YAFFS build fails after kernel update.

    [#4782] YAFFS build fails after kernel update.

    Submitted By: Bryan Wu

    Open Date

    2009-01-08 03:59:28     Close Date

    2009-01-08 05:11:38


    Medium     Assignee:

    Bryan Wu


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    snaps     Release:



  • ADA2200: ACE File format for importing filters

    We recently got the following question from a customer.


    I am using the following setup:


    - ADA2200SDP-EVALZ  revision C

    - EVAL-SDP-CB1Z  Revision 1.3

    - ACE Software  Version 1.9.2639.1092


    I’m trying to setup a Custom…

  • configuration AD9523-1 on FMCDAQ2

    Hello there!
    I am now learning how to use FMCDAQ2 on KC705.
    I now want to configure the registers of FMCDAQ2 by myself to change the sampling rate, reference clock and other parameters. So I used verilog to generate a SPI communication module to configure…

  • AD9523-1通过SPI配置问题


    我现在正在学习如何在KC705上使用FMCDAQ2。 现在,我想由我自己配置FMCDAQ2的寄存器,以更改采样率,参考时钟等其他参数。 因此,我使用verilog生成了SPI通信模块,以配置AD9523-1,AD9144和AD9680的寄存器。 目前,我想通过写入一些AD9523-1寄存器来生成sample_clk,sysref,refclk和sync。 但是,AD9523-1没有输出正确的结果,且现在无法执行AD9144和AD9680的配置。 这是我配置AD9523-1的寄存器地址和值…

  • RE: ADRV9009 - Filters Profile configuration

    Okay, this is the code below : 

    <profile Talise version=1 name=Tx_BW400_IR491p52_Rx_BW200_OR245p76_ORx_BW400_OR491p52>
    <rx name=Rx 200.00MHz, OutputRate…

  • RE: How to enable MCS and RF PLL Phase Synchronization in ADRV9009?

    Please have a look at line no. 232,233 and 234 of the boot logs, I am not able to understand even after modifying s_axi_clk from <&clk 71> to <&zynqmp_clk 71> as mentioned earlier, why is it not getting the clock. I am 100% sure that the HDL…

  • "ipservices" error

    While building reference design ad9081_fmca_ebz/706, I get the following error regardless of whether I use the 'make' method or the 'tcl' method:

    "make" method:

    Building data_offload library [/cygdrive/c/Projects/adi/hdl/library…

  • ADV7184 - Brightness control clips the maximum digitized pixel value (contrast has no effect)

    With Default settings -> LAGC plus peak white on.

    Brightness = 00hex

    Contrast = 80 hex, measurement taken using the Tektronix VM700T for white level gave Y = 234 decimal.

    100IRE = 235 decimal on the VM700T.

    Using manual gain with no peak white is correct…

  • I Q samples from two channels vs one channel from example at https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/libiio/blob/master/examples/ad9361-iiostream.c

    In the example on https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/libiio/blob/master/examples/ad9361-iiostream.c, two channels are opened as rx0_i and rx0_q on line 234 and 235. 

    I assume that these channels as per their names provide I and Q samples from the receiver…

  • About "range" register of ADV7482


    I have a question about "range" register of ADV7482 and please see the attached file for details.

    * Q1
    I'd like to know how to handle data over Y236/CbCr240 or below Y16/CbCr16) when the "range" register is set to "0".…