• AD636 with 0-230 VAC Input


    I'm building a voltage measurement device for measuring 0-230 VAC input for a light dimmer. I just learnt about Analog Devices AD536 and AD636 ICs. I have the following doubts:

    1. I want millivolt precision for detecting voltages; can you provide…

  • RE: Issue facing with voltage measurement of ADE7880

    Just to inform you, we are using only one phase to check the readings, connecting the same phase for VAP, VBP & VCP. All the three phases are calibrated to show 230V on a display @230Vac input.

    None of the phase is connected VBP RMS register shows…

  • FAQ: [#6914] When DSA is enabled, can't push file from host to bf518f-ezbrd through ftp/rcp(2011)

    [#6914] When DSA is enabled, can't push file from host to bf518f-ezbrd through ftp/rcp

    Submitted By: Vivi Li

    Open Date

    2011-11-30 04:08:38     Close Date

    2011-12-09 04:25:18


    Medium     Assignee:

    steven miao


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  • RE: ADE7880 - 3 phase 3 wire delta configuration

    Since phase b is agnd. VAB and VCB with be line to line voltage.  

    it is most likely 400 or 415 this would equate to 230 or 240v phase to neutral in a wye

    But your line to line voltage can be anything with proper signal conditioning.


  • RE: ADE7880 xPGAIN register value

    I found my mistake after setting this up. There is a /2^4  in the watt path 

    in my watt/lsb I did %fsV * %fsV * pmax as the expected codes. 

    PMAX = 27,059,678

    this was 81.23% * 1.23%* 27,059,678 = 270,361 lsb at 300W 

    but there is a /2^4 in the signal path…

  • RE: VRMS calibration

    quick answer is 

     VRMS = 230 / 6014164d  * register value     The 230 / 6014164 would be your hard coded vrms/lsb constant. 

    Now you can use Vgain to adjust rms register = 6014164 with 230vrms on the input on a different meter. 


  • RE: ADuC7061. ADC Offset Calibration Register (ADC0OF, ADC1OF)

    I changed 8 channels to REF- = GND and REF+ = 180mV and 300mV. The ADC1 offset remained the same bad. No changes before self-offset calibration and after :(( On average 1500.

    On channels assembled on chips from another distributor - about 230! Crooked…

  • ADE7880 reporting big voltage drop with motors

    My mains supply here is 230Vrms and the ADE7880 is reporting this correctly.

    When I switch on am appliance with a motor such as a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner the Vrms reported by the ADE7880 drops down to around 150-180V however a multimeter will still…


    Hi ADI-Team,

    We are designing a board using Xilinx MPSoC,ADRV9008-1 and ADRV9008-2.

    We should be able to configure DAC and ADC independently with different sampling rates.REF_CLK for DAC(ADRV9008-2) and ADC(ADRV9008-1) is being generated by a JESD Clock…

  • RE: EVAL-AD5940ELCZ SensorPal Impedance measurement problem


    in the first graph, you have disabled frequency sweep, and I guess you are measuring with a 230 Ohm load resistor.

    In the 2nd and 3rd graphs, you have enabled sweep, starting from 10KHz upto 100KHz. Hence Sensorpal is doing the sweep measurement repeatedly…