• ADPD 105 Dual Slot ECG measure

    Hi there, 

    I am working with the ADPD105 and i try to measure a synchronous ppg and ecg signal with the dual slot settings. Its working perfectly if I measure just PPG signal but i could not find the right set up of the registers for the synchronous ecg…

  • ADPD 105 input configurations

    Currently we are working on a project using the ADPD105 optical sensor to measure heart rate and SpO2 values. We designed our own board including the ADPD105 photometric front end combined with two external LEDs and two photodiodes.
    Now we are trying…

  • AD9633-105 Single-input configuration.


    Can the AD96633-105, 12 bit ADC be used with a Single-input configuration? because want to fit a volt of 1.2Vp-p to the ADC in the single-input configuration. Need help with a reference circuit for the AD96633-105 single-input configuration.


  • AD9172-FMC-EBZ with KCU-105

    Hi, I am trying to use AD9172-FMC-EBZ eval board with KCU-105. I have seen that there should be a Micro SD card containing FPGA image to be used with the KCU-105. Is the FPGA image available for downloading?

  • AD6645ASVZ-105 Digital Output Current & driver condition

    Hi all,

    In the AD6645 Rev. E datasheet,

    Absolute Maximum Ratings @ page 7,

    Digital Output Current : 4 mA

    We think this is continuous currents.

    Is it rating of total pin or each pin ?

    Is it true ?

    Digital Outputs @ page 18,

    10 mA (10 pF × 1 V ÷ 1 ns…

  • AD9255-105 clock divider versus duty cycle stabilizer

    The data sheet notes that using DCS with the divider in a the
    divide by 2, 4, and 8 modes is not required and may cause a slight
    degradation in SNR so disabling the DCS is recommended in those
    cases. This suggests that avoiding the DCS is desirable.


  • Questions about using AD9172-FMC-EBZ and Xilinx's KCU-105 board (MicroSD Image)

    My client wants to test with AD9172-FMC-EBZ and Xilinx KCU-105 board.

    My customer says that the necessary components are ready, but there is no MicroSD listed below.

    (wiki.analog.com/.../ad917x-fmc-ebz Setup
    -MicroSD card with preprogrammed FPGA image…

  • What is the AD-HSDACFX3-EBZ? And How to configure AD9173-FMC-EBZ & Xilinx KCU 105 board


    My customer want to use AD9173 and Xilinx KCU105 board like below link.


    As above link, additional boards seem to be required for using KCU 105 board as the Data Packet…

  • AD9445BSVZ-105的丝印问题,#1703中的#代表什么意思

  • Can the ADPD103/105/107 measure the response from 3 different LEDs for 2 different photodiodes independently?

    If I want a setup that has 3 LED's and 2 photodiodes, can any of the ADPD parts be configured to measure the response from each LED, for each photodiode (6 different responses) independently at a given sample rate? It looks like the hardware supports…