• MEMS IMU 101 - What do MEMS IMUs measure?

    MEMS IMUs, such as the ADIS16497, measure angular rate of rotation (gyroscopes) and linear acceleration (accelerometers), around (gyroscopes) and along (accelerometers) three mutually orthogonal axes.  

    REFERENCE: ADIS16497 (Rev. D) (analog.com)


  • ZCU102 + ADRV9002 - Error number 3 (0x00000003), Recovery action -101.Timed out waiting for ARM bootup to happen.

    Hi EZ,

    I have followed your tutorial about ADRV9002 through this link https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-drivers/iio-transceiver/adrv9002, however, I have faced some problems.

    Here is my setup:

    • ADRV9002 connects with ZCU102 at port…
  • Development suite for windows 10 that supports TS 101 DSPs

    We have to work on our previous projects that include our custom boards that has TS 101 DSP's.
    Our computers have the Windows 10 64-bit operation systems.
    As I understand the CrossCore development suite does not support TS101.
    Is Visual DSP5 can run…

  • RE: Unable to boot TS-101 from linkport macro in FPGA

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