• AD7293 Eval board

    Hello All,

    I am facing a problem regarding writing a value to a certain register in AD7293 evaluation board.

    In the configuration page (0x02), for the address 0x23 which is the register regarding background monitoring of some certain values, as much as…

  • LTC5562 mixer evaluation board - urgent response required!

    Dear Analog Devices,

    We are trying to do a demo for a customer in which we would like to use the LTC5562 DC2483A-B evaluation board (LTC5562 mixer as a downconverter) spannered in to our set-up. For this demo we only need one set of frequencies:

    RF =…

  • ADP1047 evaluation board Gerber data

    Can I have ADP1047 evaluation board(EVAL-ADP1047) Gerber data for designing the own PCB?


    Best regards,


  • ADV7280A adding delay to decoded video signals


    I'm using ADV7280A for decoding PAL video . When i'm connecting camera (camera A) output directly to monitor it gives no delay but at the same time when it is connected to ADV7280A i'm observing delay (decoded output connected to ADV7393 and then to…

  • Problem in measuring impedance at lower frequency from 10 Hz to 1k Hz using AD5933

    Hello everyone, I am developing an impedance measurement system using AD5933 with a microcontroller. I can measure impedance from 47 ohms to several mega ohms from frequency range 5k to 100k Hz. Now I want to measure impedance from frequency range 10…

  • ADG5462F is not giving output as expected_required immediate support

    Dear Analog,

    We have used  ADG5462F part in our design as ADC Channel protector.  We are facing issue with its functionality as we are not getting expected output for the applied input. 

    Eg: When we are giving 6V as input, we are getting some random voltages…

  • Control of AD9361 ( 2R2T ) mode

    Dear all

    I am using AD9361(ADRV9361-z7035) in FDD Independent mode .I want to control Tx and Rx of AD9361 independently through some logic. My objective is that whenever "X" frequency is fall on Rx(detected by Rx-FFT-threshold logic ). I want to transmit…

  • ERROR: [IP_Flow 19-3461] on custom platform

    I'm porting the FMCOMMS5 to a custom board and every time I build the project I receive the following error:

    ### ad_ip_instance axi_iic axi_iic_main
    ### ad_ip_parameter axi_iic_main CONFIG.USE_BOARD_FLOW true
    ### ad_ip_parameter axi_iic_main CONFIG…

  • AD9375 Example Xilinx Project error


    We are trying to bring up the example design for the 9375 (using the 2018_r2 adrv9371x project) on custom hardware. The design and example project are based on the Xilinx ZCU102. We have built the project in Vivado and set the constraints properly…

  • Problem with the Simulation of the IP core AXI_AD7616, unable to write to the cmd or sdo fifo

    Hi everyone! I would like to design in Vivado a custom AXI master to control the IP core "axi_ad7616" from ADI (https://wiki.analog.com/resources/fpga/docs/axi_ad7616). In the final project, I need to interface the ADC AD7616 with my Artix 7…