• Configure Linaro for unsupported board (TE0720)

    I'd like to adapt the ADI provided Linux image to a TE0720, and I'm having some problems. Some quick background first:

    I started by setting up the image on an SD card. I figured that after this I could put my own BOOT.bin, uImage, and devicetree…

  • Adalm Pluto Scripts


    I am working on an embedded transceiver implementation with Pluto's Zynq using Vivado SDK. I referred to this page for some examples. https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/plutosdr_scripts

    I have added libiio directory as described here. https…

  • Local Teams, Global Impact

    What do Frugal Innovators, Toy Story and Lemons have in common? These are just a few of the cool team names chosen by those partaking in Project Playtime. This week, we will introduce you to our local teams, their projects, and progress in the first three…

  • [Error on ZCU102 + ADRV9009] Unexpected MCS sync status when using external SYSREF, REFCLK for JESD204B


    I am implementing a version running on ZCU102 that has following setup:

    • The first ADRV9009 eval board is plugged in HPC0. This board is used as transceiver circuit
    • Another ADRV9009 eval board is plugged in HPC1. However, I just use AD9528 of this…
  • Can't IIC Oscilloscope Windows 10 version with ZCU102+ADRV9009

    I have a ZCU102 and an ADRV9009.

    I followed this


    And run the commands 

    root@analog:~# iio_info | grep iio:device
    iio:device3: adrv9009-phy
    iio:device1: ad9528-1

  • ADALM PLUTO generated python file.

    hello, I've bought a ADALM PLUTO device recently. I tried to run the fm transmitter example given in the gr-iio library. however when I generate the python file I get the following error:

    TypeError: pluto_sink_make() takes at most 9 arguments (10…

  • How to adapt ADI Linux Kernel to support SDSoC applications

    Hi all,

    I'm interested in accelerating some processing parts in my project targeting ad9361 on my zc706.

    I tried to make a Linux SDSoC application using analog devices kernel. i did as indicated in this wiki to configure the kernel then i added Xil…

  • AD9371 Using Observation Receivers


    I am using AD9371 with zc706 and using all 4 receivers and transmitters using libiio (referring to examples> iostreamAD9371.c). But I want to use the Observation receivers too. How can I do that?


  • Adalm Pluto Firmware Update When HDL Code is Changed


    If i want to assign a function to GPIO pins, do i need to change firmware? For example, once we map them in HDL, we can export a BSP and can run NoOS projects via Vivado SDK. However, with a Linux project i suspect that we need to recompile sysroot…

  • Square / Sawtooth / Triangle Wave Frequency Control

    I've just started learning SigmaStudio, using the EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ, with the end goal of creating a mini synthesizer with external controls.

    One requirement is external control of the frequency of square / sawtooth oscillators via a potentiometer…