• SigmaStudio and ADSP-SC589 EZ-Board

    Dear community,

    I have a ADSP-SC589 EZ-Board and I would like to program it using SigmaStudio (for SHARC).

    What do I need to do that? Extra hardware? 


  • Gain and return loss issue in ADL5324 default eval board

    Hello ,

    I have purchased a default eval board of ADL5324 as per below link and data given, this eval board works quite well in the 2.2 GHz to 2.3 GHz 


    But, data does not match with our purchased default…

  • The error of EVAL-AD916X board in schematic

    In the schematic of EVAL-AD916X board provided in the link(https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/eval-board-schematic/AD916(2_4)-FMC(122)-EBZ%20RevC%20Schematic.pdf), I found some positive nets are connected to the negetive pins of FMC…

  • Ask the engineer to help me choose the board.


    I need to measure the current and voltage generated by the piezoelectric electrode. The magnitude of the current is about μA or NA. I don't know the magnitude of the voltage. Can you recommend it to me based on the magnitude of the current? I currently…

  • The RF input&output type of evaluation board EV1HMC7950LS6 and EV1HMC907APM5

    I have some doubts about the RF input&output type of evaluation board EV1HMC7950LS6 and EV1HMC907APM5. There is only the discription of 'K connectors' on both datasheets of each evaluation board. Is it SMA type or 3.5mm type, or another type? I will be…

  • AD7276 missing codes

    I am struggling to understand why our AD7276 fails to resolve data ending in 010 or 101.  
      AD7276 (6 pin version)

      3.3V VCC
      Host processor: Atmel SAMG55 J19
      Host firmware: Atmel ASF 3, SPI through DMA
    Test setup:
      In the examples below, we ran…

  • AD9680-1000 (from AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ board) - 4 DDC, Complex Input, Complex Output, decimate by 4


    I'm trying to configure the ADC9680-1000, for using 4 DDCs. The idea is to split the input band (from -fs/2 to fs/2 in 4, 1 per DDC channel: from -500 to -250, from -250 to 0, from 0 to 250 and finally from 250 to 500) so I will have an effective…

  • no sound EVAL-ADAU1761Z connected to raspberry pi 3 b+

    well i connected the EVAL-ADAU1761Z to raspberry pi i used this also https://ez.analog.com/linux-device-drivers/linux-software-drivers/f/q-a/111524/adau1761-on-raspberry-pi3/334051

    but no success

    aplay -D default:CARD=Seri MONO-000.WAV

     no sound comes…

  • Remote Connection to AD-FCOMMS5

    Hi, I am attempting to run the simulink data streaming example on my AD-FCOMMS5. I have managed to ensure proper functionality of the board on the device itself and now I am trying to run data collection through my laptop. I am having connection issues…

  • EVAL-ADV7401/03 Software application

    Hi there ,

    I have followed this link : https://ez.analog.com/video/f/q-a/6274/eval-adv739xfez and downloaded the following folders from ftp site :