• The error of EVAL-AD916X board in schematic

    In the schematic of EVAL-AD916X board provided in the link(https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/eval-board-schematic/AD916(2_4)-FMC(122)-EBZ%20RevC%20Schematic.pdf), I found some positive nets are connected to the negetive pins of FMC…

  • AD96687 Designing

    Hi Friends,
    I am interested in one of your high-speed dual-channel comparator AD96687 and I would like to use it in one of our projects.
    We are not using the Latching function. so as per the datasheet, the Latch Enable pin should be Grounded Right?.
    Even after…

  • Unexpected Received Chirp Attenuation

    I have a question regarding the quality of the received signal. I am attempting to implemented a stepped frequency continuous wave chirp. For now I am just attempting to receive a chirp signal, which I can do. My issue is that the received signal seems…

  • Ltc2439-1 in SPI communication data output is high first out or low first out?

    Read data is 0XF4,0X53,0XFE, how to parse?

  • HMC465LP5 minimum operation frequency


    Can I use HMC465LP5 for signal that have bandwidth 1 kHz - 10 GHz? Is HMC465LP5 able to work with signal frequencies below 10 MHz?

  • Problem ADAs3023 signal BUsY and sDO

    Hi, I have a problem with ADA3023 since I cannot read the conversion with a dPIC, first of all the first thing I have done is the following check:
    there is a voltage of 5V and + -15V. In the ACAP PIN, RCAP and REFIN there are 2.5V and in REF1.2 = 4.096V…

  • Ultra-strange filter problem..


    While evaluating the second revision of my DSP board, I noticed some super strange behaviour that is caused by a 2nd order lowpass filter. 

    See for yourself.

    This is basically what you would expect. This uses a single-precision, no slew, 2nd order…

  • ADRV9009-ZU11EG SOM util_som_rx_cpack data interweave format


    I have a question about the Channel CPACK Utility Core IP data format in the ADRV9009 ZU11EG SOM reference design. What is the format of the 128-bit data coming out on the packed_fifo_wr_data[127:0] bus? From the wiki, I believe it is organized…

  • external dimensions of EVAL-AD5292DBZ

    Dear Sir

    Please let me know the external dimensions of the latest version of EVAL-AD5292DBZ.

    Best regards
  • Data of LTC5596 output voltages with respect to frequency


    I'm looking for the data of output voltage of LTC5596, with respect to change of Frequency.

    Data sheet has the output voltages data with respect to power levels.

    Can anybody guide me where shall I find this data or any equation to calculate…