• LTC6906 Rset selection and output frequency accuracy/stability


    The datasheet of LTC6906 mentioned that the leakage current near Rset could affect output frequency accuracy of the device and recommends using a guard ring connecting to pin 5 to mitigate the issue. Can I also avoid this issue by using a smaller…

  • ADAU1401 does not starts.

    Hey guys,

    I have a problem with adau1401, it does not start, there is also no response from I2C, I will explain in detail.

    • CLOCK, There is an active xtal 5035 running at 12.288mhz connected to (PIN 32 MCLKI, OSC floating), output clock speed checked…
  • Modelling a multipole / multiposition switch

    I would like to model a multipole, multiposition switch in LTSPICE.  Suppose a 5 pole, 10 position switch.

    Certainly I could model the circuit by changing the appropriate component values as the switch changes position, but it would be nice if I could provide…

  • RE: LT6658 with voltage divider on output

    Interesting you bring up that lab because I am planning on using that write up for some development work once my new PI comes in. I like the ADI-KUIPER-LINUX idea with all the software built in. 

    To be clear what I was referring to with the different voltages…

  • AD8339 simulation


    I am trying to simulate a simple application of AD8333 but have been unsuccessful. My 4*LO input is a 20 MHz sine wave (differential, 3 V peak to peak). The common-mode dc value to the 4*LO pins is about 2.5 V (as in figure 61 in the datasheet…

  • RE: Waiting for transfer from controller

    One comment on the AD7124-8 - it is mainly intended for DC and slow moving signals. While the sample rate can be as high as 19.2 ksps, this only is achievable when digitizing a single channel. If you multiplex between two or more channels, the data rate…

  • RE: ADAU1701 Analog Ground Plane

    I did test MP2359 switching reg against LM317 on the analog 5V supply. The noise floor had fewer spurious products with the LM317.

    I know MP2359 is not a high performance switching reg but it tells me there is benefit to using linear regs on the analog…

  • RE: DC2222A-A and DC2026C QUIKEVAL ERROR

    Same here, the issue persists, reinstalling is not helping.
    I have read that with other boards a manual install of the .msi file should help, but I cannot find the .msi file for the board.

  • RE: Problem with ADRF6821 I/Q demodulator registers

    Thank you so much, I will try it out.

    Have a nice day.


  • RE: How to declare the data buffer placement in L2 memory of ADSP21562?

    The problem seems to be solved with the b2w instruction.