• RE: AD9371: LO Leakage Calibration through ORX2

    Just to confirm, in the tx obsselect, as you have given a zero input, have you pulled the   gpio 0 pin to low which indicates to the ARM that the TX1 pin is routed.

  • RE: AD9361 bist loopback

    While setting the bit 0x35 D0 for loopback between TX dataport to RX dataport, hope you are not using the register 0x034 which sends the BIST generator data to the RX data port.

  • The EEPROM of the AD9545 fails to be loaded

    ISSUE: The EEPROM of the AD9545 fails to be loaded when it is powered on. The IIC waveform is captured and the value of the 00 register (chipType value, fixed as 0x05) is incorrectly read, causing the AD9545 to stop loading.

    the bin and *.cso generated…

  • RE: LTpsice simulation problems

    Thanks.... it works 


  • RE: Multichannel DAC settling time


    You need to account for the digital communication (SPI) time too. ie if your clock is running at 1MHz, a single frame transaction would be ~14us + datasheet settling time spec of ie 1us, the tottal settling time is 15us dominated by the digital comm…

  • RE: 使用ACE软件对ADA4255CP-EBZ 评估板测试时出现的两个问题


  • Difference between AD9882 and AD9882A

    What is the difference between AD9882 and AD9882A ?

    thank you



    We have confirmed the normal operation and performance of DPD with the settings below.
    General System Specifications
    Freq: 889Mhz
    BW: 10MHz
    DPD Info: UC50_Nonlinksharing, Gen3 model 67

    However, when I input the signal source as ETM2, it works abnormally…

  • RE: ADPD4100 driver issue in adi_adpdssm_getMaxSamplSz


    Can you verify you SPI transaction is running correctly.

    In Below API why you are sending additional 2bytes data in transmit buffer?

    uint16_t adi_adpddrv_RegRead(uint16_t nAddr, uint16_t *pnData)
    /* Declare variable to track the status of routine…