• How to enable external clock 10MHZ for AD9361-z7035 using no-os drivers

    Hello Support team,

    We use the picozed hardware(AD9361-z7035 with ADRV1-CRR-BOB). We use the latest release of no-os drivers. Our application needs 10MHz external reference clock. AD9361-z7035 hardware takes external clock signal via one SMA connector…

  • SPI Write to ADAR1000

    Are there any writing modes besides block write mode and write all mode for the ADAR1000?

    Is it possible to write the register address and then write the byte value to be applied to that address, and then follow up with a non consecutive address?


  • Bidirectional buck boost dc dc converter for charging and discharging the batteries

    I see LT8708 and LT8708-1 are the only bidirectional buck boost converters with DC2719A evaluation boards 

    I want to use bidirectional buck boost converter for charging and discharging battery. Two converters are connected in a parallel with…

  • AD9545. Unstable phase lock.


    I am trying to configure the AD9545 (see ACE configuration file in the application).

    As a SYSCLK i'm using a quartz resonator (52 MHz,10ppm): ABM13W-52.0000 MHZ-5-NH7U-T5

    As a RefA input i'm using an accurate OCXO (20MHz, 20ppb): AOCJYR…

  • LTM2881 & LTM2882 EMI ISSUE

    Dear FAE,

    At present, designed two product:USB/RS232 and USB/RS422, selected ADI chips: LTM2881 & LTM2882,

    SCH and PCB design are basically based on the recommended design of LTM2881 & LTM2882,

    EMI prescan has been preliminarily carried out.…

  • Adar1000 beam fetch problem

    Hi all 

    I have a question with adar1000 tx beam fetch in sequentially Step mode。

    here is my drive work flow 

    1. initial adar1000 register 

    2. set starting beam position and stopping beam position. in my application start and stop memory addresses is 0 and 1…

  • LT8708 and LT8708-1

  • ADALM2000 in GNURadioCompanion issue: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'm2k'

    With GRC I tried to put out some data on the Ḿ2K Analog Out Sink' and read in data via the 'M2K Analog In Source'.

    When running my flowgraph, I am getting the error  ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'm2k'

    I followed all installation…

  • ADL5324 Datasheet


    In the ADL5324 datasheet there are reference designs and layouts.

    On page 19, figure 17, the layout for the 3500-3700MHz operation. There is a series inductor on the output, L2.

    It is 4.7nH.

    At 3500MHz, this gives a reactance of 103 ohms.


  • AD9164

    I have a couple of questions. I still haven't started working on the board yet. How exactly do you obtain the desired frequency using the NCO modes? and what is the ideal step-size that should be taken in the binary phase accumulators for obtaining desired…