• How to configure device tree to use more than one ADRV9009


    I have custom hardware that has three ADRV9009 devices on it. These devices are clocked by an HMC7044. I have confirmed that the HMC7044 is outputting the correct clocks. I am using Vivado 2018.2 to generate the firmware, Petalinux 2018.2 to generate…

  • AD9467 non os drivers for zc706


    I am trying to use the non-os drivers for the AD9467 ZC706 design. Is there any user guide on how to use it??. If not, I would highly appreciate it if someone could tell me how one can import the given drivers into the Vitis application project…

  • GNUradio errors

    I'm running Ubuntu 20.04, GNUradio and a PlutoSDR+ (AD9363), trying to get everything to play nice with eachother. My unit has 2 TX and RX, Ethernet and a better clock.

    I can ping and change settings on the Pluto with OpenSSH. I unlocked the…

  • How to enable debugfs for HMC7044 for iio_reg


    I am using an HMC7044 connected to a ZynqMPSOC SPI peripheral. I am using Vivado 2018.2 to generate the firmware and Petalinux 2018.2 to generate the Linux image. I am using the corresponding ADI kernel for my Linux.

    I am using the HMC7044 IIO…

  • Help with two ADRV9008-2W/PCBZ on ZCU102


    I know this topic pops up regularly on EngineerZone forums. I have read a lot of posts and tried to follow all advices. Still, I am stuck at the moment and hope I can get some help to move further.

    What I am trying to do is to make a ZCU102 with 2…

  • AD7770-Query

    Hi ,

    1.Is this IC AD7770 SIL certified ? Can this be used for a design that is to be SIL certified ?

    2. Also can we sense 0-200 mA using an external sense resistor through this IC. If so, what will be the sense resistor to be connected? In datasheet it…

  • Operating the ADRV9009 at 208MHz

    I currently have a working solution consisting of three ADRV9009 devices clocked by an HMC7044. I have the sample rate set to 245.76MSPS. I am currently using the CPLL for the RX and OBS RX and QPLL0 for the TX. I am using ADI kernel 2019_R2 branch.

  • ADF5901 RF output not stable


    We have developed a 24 GHz custom radar board with the ADF4159-ADF5901-ADF5904 setup. We program the Tx to generate 24Ghz and divide it by 4 to send it to PLL feedback in RF synthesis mode (no ramp). Once the initialization is done for both Tx and…

  • Analog Devices Inc, Transceiver Toolbox Release Page

    Hi everyone, 

    is there any compatible version of the Analog Devices Inc, Transceiver Toolbox with Matlab2021a?

    The last release is not compatible .


    Kind regards !

  • ADALM-PLUTO firmware update fails

    *** happens! I unplugged the usb-connection while pluto was updating firmware (LED1 flashed fast)! Now no usb-connection is available. Is there a way to reset the pluto?

    Thanks Andreas