• AD9371: No Attributes in RXObservation

    Hi All,

    I am working on ad9371 iio-streaming application. I am seeing attributes in Rx & Tx but I am not seeing any attributes in OBRX section






    / {
    	compatible = "xlnx,zynqmp";
    	#address-cells = <0x2…

  • question on sampling ptc voltage using ad7793

    I use an ad7793 chip to collect the voltage across the ptc thermistor. I use 1x gain, 1ma excitation current, select IEXC1 to OUT1, use AIN2 (+)-AIN2 (-), internal reference voltage, open buffer, external ptc The resistance is 1k, the reference resistance…

  • gr-iio-ad9371

    Hello , I  am using AD9371and ZC706 board. I have installed GNU radio and gr-iio-ad9371 branch to my Ubuntu16.04.and I have installed in  /home/usg/gnuradio/gr-iio-ad9371/gr-iio/

    I have a problem that GRC is not connecting to the ZC706 board. I am making…

  • adv212 HIPImode EIRQIE 0x0402 does not work

    Dear Engineers,

    I have met a tough problem when I configured the registers for ADV212 through FPGA(K7) (ENCODE MODE).

    I have configured all registers including BUSMODE, MMODE, paramaters and etc according to my need. When I set the EIRQIE register with…

  • AD9371: Does Lane Latency Confirm The "Deterministic Latency" Exist Or Not?

    Hi All,

    I am working subclass-1 concept. I've few doubts which are quite complex :

    1)  I am seeing my lane latency is keep on changing b/w "1Multiframe and 49 Octet" To "1Multiframe 62 Octet" on each power-up.

         Does it means that…

  • Problem with the DMA Pluto

    Hi. I did some modifications in the PL part. I have some problems with the DMA (i think) or maybe with the Reset of the system.

    The spectrum  it is static, it does not change :

    This ocurrs sometimes. If i do some "reboot" in the linux (it can be 1 or…

  • ADRV9009 + ZC706: No-OS, JESD204B Eye Scan guide

    Bilal Here, again!

    I want to know if there is any way to run JESD204B Eye Scan with No-OS. I am using ADRV9009 an ZC706 Boards. I have seen discussions about Linux based Eye Scan so far.

    All I know is, 'axi_adxcvr' IP has a master port that provides…

  • LTC6228 phase margin


    I'm trying to calculate the phase margin using this circuit:

    But I'm getting a strange phase response (I think):

    Is this phase response right? If so does it mean that the opamp is always stable?

    Thank you,



  • libiio build gives error in Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello All,

     I have cloned latest build libiio. When I am building this I get an error.

    [ 47%] Building C object tests/CMakeFiles/iio_adi_xflow_check.dir/iio_adi_xflow_check.c.o
    [ 50%] Linking C executable iio_adi_xflow_check
    ../libiio.so.0.19: undefined…

  • AD5593R : Troubles reading an I/O set as an ADC

    Hello Community,

    I come to you today as I have some trouble reading the ADC value on the AD5593R (I have already managed to get a digital output working).

    I have to problems:

    - The value of the ADC is varying a lot for a fixed voltage

    - I'm trying to…