• port blimp's osd onto the arm board

    I want to port blimp's osd onto the arm board, do you have specific instructions

  • Toys for All: Hand Games for the Visually Impaired

    I remember, I remember, 

    Where I was used to swing, 

    And thought the air must rush as fresh 

    To swallows on the wing; 

    My spirit flew in feathers then, 

    These lines from the famous poem ‘I Remember, I Remember’ by Thomas Hood, describing the experience of…

  • Questions about the amount of data sent by LwIP

    Because no one answered the questions in my previous post, I opened another one. I used LWIP to send data successfully, but only 1446 data were sent at a time. I captured 16384 data at a time, so I needed to send 16K data in a cycle. What can I do to…

  • LTC4162-L charging issue


    Please help me as I'm stuck!

    I use LTC4162-L to charge a lithium battery and it works great!. I had a few prototype boards and every time I solder it myself. I've been having issues with the latest boards and the design and layout is the same…

  • Jesd Eye scan gtk: eyescan_info does not exist

    Hi Analog.

    I've build the Jesd eye scan application ( latest commit ) on a clean UB18 VM,  mounted the target device trough sshfs but I can't seem t get a connection with the target JESD device

    The file on target: eyescan_info does not exist…

  • AD936x FIR Filter Chain


    Is there a minimum number of taps limitation for decimation values other than 1? Currently I am trying to load a 16 tap filter with decimation of 2. Even though path rates seems correct I am not able to use the filter to generate a signal.


  • <block fmcomms2_source (3)>]: Unable to create buffer! [GNU Radio]

    ADALM-PLUTO first time user.
    Windows 10 OS running on Dell Alienware laptop
    GNU Radio installed IAW ADI instructions.

    GNU Radio Companion (GRC) seems to run fine.
    Set up a very basic PlutoSDR Source and a QT GUI Frequency…

  • Leveling the Playing Field - Board Games for All!

    Back in Dec ‘18,  when the NGO Samarthanam visited us, we were filled with awe, looking at the expertise of their visually challenged volunteers  in using computers and mobile phones. They were able to use them just like anyone with normal vision.…

  • adi axi dmac probe failed


    I am working on the ZCU102 with fmcomm3 with default HDL design provided by the analog devices( ) in Vivado 2017.2 ,I am able to receive ADC Rx data from DMA in no-os mode.Now i moved on to the OS mode, modified devicetree files to add DMA channel…

  • AD9739a and vivado versions

    Hello I checked some other questions but didn't see any like this one. 

    My problem is that I have a xilinx XC706 board and AD9739a FMC card. When I tried to use the example FMC project provided from analog devices itself on analogwiki the project didn…