• LT1037 minimum supply voltage

    I was curious if the minimum operating supply voltage of the LT1037 is specified in the datasheet somewhere. 

    It certainly seems to be suggested to be around +/- 2V by some of the graphs in the datasheet which plot variables against the supply voltage …

  • AD7381-4: Changes in the configuration register shows no effect / soft reset resets register

    I am using the AD7381-4  ADC with a STM32F4 microcontroller. The end goal is, to use quad SPI to get all the data I need.

    At the moment, I try to communicate with the ADC using SPI only.

    I am able the read and write the configuration register.

    But it seems…

  • ICE-1000 without the J2 connector


    my ICE-1000 doesn't have a J2 connector (there is only a place for the connector, but the pads are sealed / soldered without a connector). Instead, it has just the J1 14-pin connector and a 14-pin to 10-pin adapter.

    I'd like to ask if using the…

  • RE: Suitable part for high current LED driver

    To clarify: I am not expecting to find one driver that can control all channels. We are fine with individual drivers, i.e. one for each channel.

  • SPI reading issues in AD9653 ADC configuration register.


    We are using the ADC (AD9653) which supports 3 wire SPI communication, and we are using SPI level shifter (NC7WZ07P6X) which will convert the 4 wire SPI communication from FPGA to 3 wire SPI communication for ADC.

    I am trying to read the Chip ID register…

  • RE: bf609


    Is there any update??



  • RE: Profile and Stream file compatibility from TES to ADI-Oscilloscope

    A bit more info. We had plans to release a new osc version (as we realised by this thread the latest release was fairly old) Friday but we got some problems so I just built an almost up to date version of osc which is what you're using.

    Anyways, I…

  • Sweeping LO frequency of Adalm Pluto to generate SFCW

    Hello Engineer, we are currently using PLUTO for our SFCW Ranging Project. At present, our progress is to use the modified updater module to achieve LO frequency sweeping, but we have encountered the problem of phase asynchronization between receiving…

  • Synchronization of NCO in DDC mode of AD9208 for a multichip platform

    Two AD9208 are configured for working DDC2(decimation 2) mode. Both the ADC's are configured for the same NCO (FTW) setting.

    Problem : 

    The phase of output data between Core0 of ADC0, Core1 of ADC0, Core0 of ADC1, Core1 of ADC1 is not consistent from…