• 8_24 conversion


    I have a doubt,

    I would like to know how and where SIGMASTUDIOTYPE_8_24_CONVERT is defined.

    Anyone can help me?

    Thnaks in advance

  • Trouble in compiling the Mykonos files on kcu105 and ad9371 board


    I am fresher in this domain. I have used kcu105 board with ad9371. I am trying to send data from fpga board to the ad board but initially I need to configure/add files related to ad9371 ( ad9528 file, Mykonos, headless.c and headless.h file)etc…

  • about design using ADF4372


        I am intending to design a pll module using ADF4372.But there is no simulation model of it in ADIsimPLL.So I want to ask you how can I design my pll?Or if you could provide me the simulation model of ADF4372 in ADIsimPLL?

    Looking forward to…

  • AD7771 Incoherent output behavior and clock division


    I have the evaluation board for the AD7771 and attempted to use it with the pin (as opposed to SPI) configuration.

    My objective is to get 128 kSPS  on 3 channels and output it. This requires Dclk to run at 8.192 Mhz and the output to stream 2 channels…

  • EVAL-AD7124-8SDZ stand alone mode


    I wish to use the EVAL-AD7124-8SDZ without using it with EVAL-SDP-CBIZ, and at standalone mode.

    Therefore, according to the EVAL-AD7124-8SDZ user guide, I soldered wires to the TSCLK, T\CS, TDIN, and DOUT test holes. 

    I then connected the wires to…

  • OIP2 for ADL5536 and ADL5602

    Can you provide OIP2 data for ADL5536 and ADL5602?

  • Support about LT3652

    Hi all i connected LT3652 for charge 3S LIPO, i've already used it for the same application but with 15 V IN. Now i changed the current of charge ( about 600 mA using 0.165Ohm about RSense ) and also i changed the inductor, now is 33 uH. 

    The only…

  • EVAL_AD9670

    Is it possible to use EVAL_AD9670 with HCS-ADC-EVALEZ throw the AD-DAC-FMC-ADP ?

  • LTC3350 question


                     Customer specification is as below.  

    Super Cap:Vishay_MAL223051024E3, 3V.

    3S3P or 4S4P------1S: 3V.

    Charge Voltage :



    Vout: 12V/60W/60sec---Backup Spec.


    1.  What is recommend charge current: and…

  • Choosing a mixer for HF transceiver

    Hello guys,
    I'm trying to design an analog portable single side band receiver (ham radio transceiver in future).

    I am looking for a good matching components.
    Initially I started with SA612 mixers but I was disappointed by their noise level.
    So I tried…