• AD9361 initialisation sequence


    I am developing a SDR via SIMULINK, starting wiit the Tx. 

    The simulink models are fine, generate code and also work via the AD963x block to give an OFDM signal. I can download the HDL and verify that I see digital output on a Logic Analyser

    I now need…

  • Unable to measure the correct reflected power using ADL5920 EVAL board


    I have just purchased and setup my ADL5920 EVAL board and trying to measure the S11 of some simple loads such as 50 ohm matched load and T-resonator etc.

    I am able to setup the board and connect it with quikeval.

    I am also able to calibrate the board…

  • Support the evaluate for EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3 + AD936x / AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ ?

    Hi all,

    EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3 be support to AD937x,ADRV9009 / ADRVxxxx-NW/PCBZ Evaluation Kits, we purchased to evaluate them .

    On the other hand, when starting to evaluate the AD936x / AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ,

    can the EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3 be used as an equivalent function…

  • Looking for Text overlay for HDCVI video

    I have cams with HDCVI video format and want to make text overlay. So I have HDCVI input and HDCVI output with text overlay. The interface for putting the text can be SPI or I2C or if you want something else too. Please provide Eagle Files for the board…

  • RX/TX cp cal problems when re-congfiguring 9364 without resetting AD9364

    Because we want to configure AD9364 many times in one proram for testing the single configuration time.

    When ini-configuring,after RX/CP cal done,244[7]/284[7] would be set.

    But in the second congfiguration,when starting RX/TX cp cal, check 244[7]/284…

  • Multiple AD7768-4 SYNC_IN sample rate.

    Dear Sir,

    Our customer wants to using 2*AD7768-4, like below structure.They wants to reach 256KSPS in this structure.

    After check the datasheet, If we using SYNC_IN, AD7768-4 will going to one shot mode. the sample time will influence by SYNC_IN frequency…

  • AD9633 LVDS Measurement

    1、What is the correct starting sequence for this new product AD9633?Is it necessary to set SPI before sampling?

    2、What's the difference between these two models:bitwise and bytewise?

    3、Why are DCO clocks divided into DDR and SDR? Does this need to…

  • AD9516_auto holdover issue

    Dear Sir 

    The following questions for the customer , Need your help , this  is urgent case.

    1. Does the AD9516 have a holdover function? If so, how can I confirm it?
    2. How do I manually or automatically enter the holdover? What should I pay attention to…

  • Send LTE signal.txt using ad9371-iiostream.c

    Hi all,

    I worked previously with.mat file with iio scope with any problem but when I tried with .txt  file I get an error (Invalid data format).

    Please if you can tell me why my generated signal.txt is not accepted ???

    my goal is to send a LTE signal from…

  • Source code for the new AD9694-500EBZ board

    Hi There,

    I need to modify the AD9694-500EBZ embedded software on the ADS7-V2EBZ FPGA to meet our system requirements. An example source Code is posted on EZ (this). I am not sure the provided source code in the post belongs to the old or new AD9694-500EBZ…