• I/Q Data Question

    I am attempting to send constant I/Q values, but my receive side is getting seemingly random noise. I am using the following code snippet:

    for (int i = 0;i < N;i++)
        for (int j = 0;j < (f); j++)
            ipart_data[kk] = 24; //Replaced…

  • Problem in measuring impedance at lower frequency from 10 Hz to 1k Hz using AD5933

    Hello everyone, I am developing an impedance measurement system using AD5933 with a microcontroller. I can measure impedance from 47 ohms to several mega ohms from frequency range 5k to 100k Hz. Now I want to measure impedance from frequency range 10…

  • Regarding different Adalm Pluto System Objects, internal functionality, simultaneously transmit and receive

    I have a few questions regarding the available Adalm Pluto System Objects for MatLab like adi.AD9361.Tx/Rx from the ADI github (MathWorks_tools), or the sdrtx/rx from the MathWorks Communication Systems Toolbox Support Package.

    1) Why are there 2 classes…

  • Transmit a Continuous Wave(CW) tone from the ADALM Pluto transmitter using only Libiio in a pure Python script

    I am currently working on transmitting a CW tone out from the ADALM Pluto transmitter using only Libiio in a pure Python script.

    Is there any sample code that I can use to transmit a CW tone out from the ADALM Pluto transmitter with just using the Libiio…

  • Protection of ADE7816 V and I analog inputs


    What is the recommendation for protecting the VAP, VAN, IAP-IFP and IAN-IFN inputs of the ADE7816?  Previously it has been recommended to use back-to-back diodes to ensure the maximum voltage across the inputs does not exceed +/-2V.  Is this still the…

  • adv7535 audio over hdmi not working


    We are working on a product which uses dsi to hdmi converter bridge ADV7535 IC. So, far I have been able to bringup the display.

    Whatever dsi audio input I feed to adv7535, it is able to diplay on TV via HDMI cable.

    But, when I do audio playback,…

  • Converting dBFS to dBm with an SDR receiver based on the LTC2145-14 clocked at 125 Mhz


    I am relatively inexperienced with ADCs so my apologies if this question is a bit naive but I could not find any clear answer here.

    I am using an SDR receiver build on the LTC2145-14  clocked at 125 Mhz  in order to measure power of weak sinusoidal…

  • ADG5462F is not giving output as expected_required immediate support

    Dear Analog,

    We have used  ADG5462F part in our design as ADC Channel protector.  We are facing issue with its functionality as we are not getting expected output for the applied input. 

    Eg: When we are giving 6V as input, we are getting some random voltages…

  • AD9371 Reference Design on ZCU102 - Explanation of Observation Receiver and why I and Q are each 32 bits

    I am working with the ADRV9371 reference design on Xilinx's ZCU102, and I am having trouble getting a basic understanding of the Observation Receiver (ORx). Primarily, why is the ORx output of the "axi_ad9371_v1_0" in the form of 32-bits I and 32-bits…

  • sharc stack measurement hack?

    I have read that monitoring the stack during runtime (without the IDE) for the 21489 sharc is not possible, especially using CCES which I am using. Would the following hack be possible?

    • Modify the stack memory section to ZERO_INIT instead of NO_INIT…