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Is there example code for applications on EVAL-SDP-CB1Z with daughter board EVAL-CN0272-SDPZ?

I am going to write an application program for EVAL-SDP-CB1Z board that reads inputs from EVAL-CN0272-SDPZ. What I wondering about is if there are some example code from where I can start from.

Is the application source code for the evaluation program on EVAL-SDP-CB1Z available?
Is there any other source code that could be used as a starting point for my program available?


Hi Garlef,

I can't comment on using the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z to program your application with, as I'm not sure we give customers access to program that board directly.

I can share the CN0272 application source code with you, so that you can get a jump start on your programming.  But first I need to give you our ADI disclaimer:

ADI does not support the development of customer software.  We provide the evaluation source code so that customers can get a jump start on their own programming, but once modified, ADI no longer supports that software.  If you have problems getting the the SDP and the CN0272 board to communicate, we will also default back to having you use the evaluation software executable that we provide, because we know it functions correctly for the purposes we designed it for.

So as long as you can accept these terms, you use our source code.  Please use this link here ( ) and download the "" file.



  • Hi Garlef,

    For the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z board, we don't provide the source code for it currently.



  • Hi Brandon,
    I do not think the links I got get me any futher. I have tried to find out how to program the SDP-B board to get connection with the daughter board but I can not find any documents on how to program the SDP-B board to get contact with anything, except a little example to toggle a led on the board.

    Is my attempt to write my program on SDP-B an blind alley or are there documents on how to program the board that I have missed?

    If there should not be a good idea to write the program on the SDP-B board is there any other board to connect to CN0272 or any other solution that could be used to read the data from CN0272.


  • Hi Garlef,

    Sorry, I didn't get the email notification for this last comment, my apologies.

    From what Jiayuan said above, it appears that they do not want users trying to create custom programs for the SDP daughter boards using the SDP as a development platform.  So I would say that is probably a dead-end road.

    You could use the SDP breakout board (SDP-BREAKOUT-BOARD Evaluation Board | Analog Devices ) with an MCU/FPGA board to do the programming, but you would be responsible for the programming.  Doing it that way is quite a bit of work, and you would be on your own to do that work, but it at least makes the signals more accessible for your MCU/FPGA.  And in therory you could view the digital communications with a scope, and then just replicate that inside your MCU/FPGA.


  • Brandon,

    I'm wondering if ADI company policy has changed since you posted this reply.  We would like to use the EVAL-AD7134 with SDP-H1 board to stream data to our application for testing.  It seems silly to provide such a robust interface and then prevent the customer from using it in a useful manner.  I realize you don't want to spend time supporting software development, but you will continue to get these questions from engineers as long as you continue to provide the SDP platform.  Streaming data is an obvious end use for this platform.