Developing Driver for SDP-H1 with Labview

Analog Device Customer Support just told me that the driver for SDP-H1 does not exist. However, they have made the source code for Evaluation Software available to me. It seems like I will have to develop the driver for it myself, can I get any pointers for where can I start?

I have so far tried modifying the Labview source of Evaluation Software, are there any particular ways I can initialize the board in labview and then make the continuous data-stream available to my algorithm for further processing?

In case anyone else has made use of SDP-H1 in production and also developed drivers for it in the process. Can you please share the source or contact me in case you are willing to sell it?

(It seems crazy to me that Analog Device has a product available that they do not have a working driver for in any operating system! How have been people using these products so far?!)