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SDP-B with EVAL-AD7606B-FMCZ compatibility

Category: Hardware

Hi, I want to use EVAL-AD7606B-FMCZ which is compatible with SDP-H1.

I already have SDP-B and AD7606-4SDZ.

I'm wondering now that Eval-AD7606B-FMCZ is compatible with SDP-B.

  • ADI North America will be on summer shutdown starting August 24, 2023; perhaps another community member can assist you until our return on September 5th.
  • Hi smLee.

    I support the SDP-B and SDP-H1, but I am not familiar with the AD7606B or the AD7606-4. The connectors used on the Evaluation boards are completely different - EVAL-AD7606B-FMCZ  uses an FMC-LPC connector and the AD7606-4 eval board uses the SDP-120 connector.
    Even if you were to bypass the FMC connector, the SDP-H1 was most likely chosen for the extra throughput or improved timing available on the FPGA. The FPGA functionality is only available on the SDP-H1.

    So, I do not expect that you can make the AD7606B work with the SDP-B.

    There are alternatives to the SDP-H1 for the AD7606B. If you have already chosen a different FPGA board, then you may be able to implement your own custom solution using the No-OS drivers or the Linux drivers.