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SDP-S fails to connect to CN-0276

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN-0276
Software Version: CN0276 Evaluation Software version 1.0.0


It seems my SPD-S board does not succeed to connect to the attached CN-0276 board.

The connection to the SPD-S from the PC seems OK. I believe so since the board shows up fine in the Windows device manager and when I disconnect the CN-0276 I get a message telling me that I need to connect a daughter board, so there is some intelligence on the SPD-S telling me via USB that the daugheter board is missing.

When I have the CN-0276 connected and start the CN-0276 evaluation software I get the message "Connect to the SPD Board Failed"

See bottom left in the picture below.

I have:

- Checked that the 120-pin connector is properly connected.

- Checked that I have the .NET 3.5 installed and enabled.

- Tried connecting another CN-0276 (I have two), but that did not help.

- Using both 12 V and 6 V input voltage (power) on the CN-0276, but that did not help either.

So - I'm a bit at a loss on what to do next. Buy a second SPD-S, hoping that the one I have is faulty?

Or - is this a "known problem"?

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