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Utility to flash EEPROM on SDP-S daughter board (ADF41513)

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I have designed a board that is very similar to the evaluation board for the ADF41513 PLL chip: EV-ADF41513SD2Z. We wish to control our board with the SDP-S device and via the ADF41513 evaluation software.

However the following error pops up when trying to connect via the evaluation software: 

 'An SDP system was found, but the daughter board was not detected. Check the daughter board is attached to a compatible SDP and press Rescan or Cancel to abort'.

This is because the EEPROM on our new board (which is connected to the SDP-S via its 120 pin connector) is not programmed with the "daughter board" firmware.

Does Analog Devices have a solution for flashing the EEPROM on the AD41513 evaluation board so that the SDP-S recognizes it as an appropriate daughter board? I know there is the EEPROM utility for the older Cypress USB boards, but I couldn't find anything for the SDP-S controllers.

Somebody had the same problem here but the solution was not shared:

 RE: Daughter board was not detected when using SDP-S 

Thank you!

Change eval board version
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