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Control identifier LED light on SDP-CS1Z from ACE Remote Control

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-SDP-CS1Z
Software Version: 1.26.3240.1417

The EVAL-SDP-CS1Z has a yellow LED light (LED1) on the board, which can be used to identify the SDP-S boards connected. In the ACE software, I'm able to control this LED by clicking the "Flash LED" button in the Start page.

I'm now trying to write my own program to control the board using the ACE remote control. However, I can't find the client command to control this LED. I'm able to find most of the other commands using the macro recorder, but clicking the "Flash LED" seems not recorded...

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  • I spoke to the ACE team and this feature is not exposed through the ACE remoting layer right now. If there is an important use case for this, you could use the  ACE "Report Issue" button to inform the ACE team and they may consider adding it.

  • Thank you for the reply!

    The reason I'm asking for this feature is because in my application I will have multiple boards controlled by the the same PC, and it could be hard to identify which board is which. The way I differentiate the boards is by their hardware ID, so it would be good to have a feature in my program that just lights up the LED when I select a board with specific ID.

    I could drop this feature if there are better ways to identify the board I'm controlling. Do you have any suggestions on that? I know each SDP-S has a special serial number labeled on them, but I couldn't find a relation between the serial number and the hardware ID... 

  • Hi Chaoz, if you have spare GPIOs perhaps you could add an LED and use a spare GPIO to flash  it?

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