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SDP-CK1Z supported baudrate over DAPLink

Category: Software

I'm using SDP-CK1Z to transfer some data back and forth over the serial proposed by DAPLink.

On the board, this corresponds to the UART5 of the STM32F469 and the serial lines are accessible for monitoring with a logic analyzer or bypassing the DAPLink at P8 connector.

When sending data from the STM32F469 to the PC, I've listened with serial terminal app at the following baudrates:

115200 - OK

230400 - OK

460800 - some characters are lost

921600 - even more characters are lost

I've connected a logic analyzer at P8 and the data sent from the STM32 is correct even at the baudrate 2.000.000 (2 Mbps) so it seems the DAPLink chip has hiccups at high baudrates.

Can anybody confirm what is the maximum baudrate supported by the DAPLink chip/firmware on this board ?


Board Rev: E.E Interface Version: 0251 Bootloader Version: 0251