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Using FTDIchip D2XX device drivers with SDP-S evaluation board


I'm interested in using the SDP-S USB evaluation board with my own software, passing by FTDIchip's D2XX device drivers (targeting the FT2232H IC on the SDP-S board).

I've uninstalled the SDP driver provided by ADI, installed the FTDIchip drivers, but am having an issue with the SDP's Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID). As I understand it, the FTDI chip drivers can't be attached to the SDP device due to the modified VID and PID of the FT2232H chip, which reside in the EEPROM:

  • Default FTDIchip VID: 0x0403
  • Default FTDIchip PID: 0x6010
  • ADI VID: 0x0456
  • ADI PID: 0xB660 

I followed the steps outlined in this document which (on page 9/44) describes how to modify the FTDIchip device driver to be compatible with the vendor modified VID and PID. I got stuck at this part though (attached image). I believe that this is due to Device Driver Signing in Windows 10. I can't test this theory by disabling Device Driver Signing upon startup, however, as the PC I am using blocks this modification.

Anyone have any hints on how to resolve this? Like I said my main goal is to use my own software that calls FTDIchip's device drivers, but still use the SDP-S board since it has a great interface to the various demo boards we are targeting. 


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