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EVAL-SDP-CS1Z, ADF5901 not recognized


Recently we purchased a EVAL-SDP-CS1Z & ADF5901. We downloaded and installed the "SDPDrivers.exe" on our Windows 10 PC with the latest .

NET Framework. After installation we restarted the PC and connected the EVAL-SDP-CS1Z board to the PC with the Standard-A-to-mini-B USB cable from the package.

The green and orange LED on the board worked. However, the device did not show up under ADI Development Tools in the Device Manager.

Afterwards, we uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, we changed the USB cable, and tried the same procedure on a different PC.

Nevertheless, the device did not show up under ADI Development Tools in the Device Manager.

How should we proceed to fix this problem and enable this connection?

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If I have to return it, how should I proceed?

We bought it through Digikey.

  • I have a similar issue with the SDP-CB1Z board: "No daughterboards detected"
    Performed basically the same measures to attempt troubleshooting, and I cannot see evidence of any communications between the SDP board and our daughterboard.
    I look forward to seeing Analog's response to this question.

  • I am suffering from exactly the same problem. SDP-S board is appearing as USB Serial Port, didnt even appearing in the "other devices" section. Tried installing some previous versions on different computers with different USB cables but no progress so far.

    Edit: Changed the SDP-S board, and now it can recognize the device under the ADI Development Tools. It turned out it was the hardware that causes the problem.