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Interface not found in the CN0407 evaluation software

Hi all,

I am trying to operate an EVAL-CN0407-SDPZ (assembled by me) through the CN0407 evaluation software and an EVAL-SDP-CS1Z. After initializing the software, a window to select the interface appears with the following message: "No supported interfaces found". The SDP-S driver is working properly according to the Device manager in the PC. When I connect the SDP-S to the PC, the LED1 (orange) and PWR (green) leds turn on in the SDP-S board. However, the LED1 turns off when I click the Refresh button in the evaluation software. I assume, the eeprom on the CN0407 PCB has to be programmed in order to be recognized by the software. If so, is there any repository with eeprom codes of the evaluation boards?

Thank you,