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PC does not recognize SDP-S device in device manager


I have purchased the SDP-S board and AD5242 daughter board for evaluation. Without the AD5242, the PC can't recognize SDP-S device in device manager.

I have "ADI SDP Drivers" listed under PC "Apps & features", but do not see "ADI Development Tools" under the device manager. 

I see there are couple threads related to this issue, but none of the resolutions there work for me. I have tried uninstall and install the driver back without SDP-S connected; restart the PC; switch to a new cable etc.

I do see a response that the same problem is resolved with a new SDP board (

Is this a known issue with the hardware? Would it resolve if I switch to another SDP-S device? If so, what is the process like for replacement or reimbursement? Thanks!

- Eunice

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the SDP-S, this isn't an issue I have seen on the SDP-S board before.

    When the SDP-S is connected to the PC without the AD5242, is a green LED light called PWR that is near the USB connector on the SDP-S turned on?

    Is the orange LED called LED1, which is located near the button on the top side of the SDP-S turned on?

    Would you mind trying to install the most up to date SDP drivers(V2.4.0.286) which can be found at the following link: 

    It should be possible to return the SDP-S and request a replacement, but before you do that, we might be able to resolve the issue through this forum. Is there anything you are doing differently when the SDP-S is connected and disconnected to the AD5242 eval board?