SDP-H1 and EVAL-AD7768-4FMCZ stopped operating

I was using the SDP-H1 board with the EVAL-AD7768-4FMCZ daughter board when the LabView software appeared to hangup after the SAMPLE button was pushed (it had successfully worked several times previously). I used Windows TASK MANAGER to terminate the LabView software, pushed the reset button on the SDP-H1 board then removed the 12V power jack and unplugged the USB connection.

I re-connected the 12V supply then plugged in the USB connector. Device Manager confirmed the presence of the USB driver, but only the BF_POWER LED illuminated (previously several LEDs were on. Launching the LabView software produced a "Waiting for transfer from Controller" message to be displayed for sometime before an "Error 1172" message was displayed.

When the board was operating correctly, the FPGA_DONE LED was on. Because this LED is no longer on I assume the FPGA is not being programmed (?).

How do I get this board to work ?