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ADF5610 ADI SDP Setup Driver Error


My customer is having ADI SDP Driver Setup Driver issue. When they try to install they get Error (attached) Error opening File for writing: C:\WINDOWS\system32\csaDriverInterface.dll. They already tried that

From customer:

"Furthermore, even if we install the driver and connect to the computer, the device manager is reporting the device as USB Serial Converter A & B that uses FTDI drivers provided by Microsoft, and not the Analog Development Tools. We have tried this on several different computers and the results seem to be the same.(Pic also attached)

I was able to update the serial converters to use the ADI drivers manually as shown below, but the ADF5610 evaluation software is still unable to locate the SDP-S board. (pic attached).


Is there perhaps an older version of the drivers? Let me know if you have any questions."



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