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ADF5610 ADI SDP Setup Driver Error


My customer is having ADI SDP Driver Setup Driver issue. When they try to install they get Error (attached) Error opening File for writing: C:\WINDOWS\system32\csaDriverInterface.dll. They already tried that

From customer:

"Furthermore, even if we install the driver and connect to the computer, the device manager is reporting the device as USB Serial Converter A & B that uses FTDI drivers provided by Microsoft, and not the Analog Development Tools. We have tried this on several different computers and the results seem to be the same.(Pic also attached)

I was able to update the serial converters to use the ADI drivers manually as shown below, but the ADF5610 evaluation software is still unable to locate the SDP-S board. (pic attached).


Is there perhaps an older version of the drivers? Let me know if you have any questions."



  • Hi Anita,

    Has the customer followed the connection procedure as outlined in the evaluation board user guide page 8?

    Everything the customer requires should be included in the ADF5610 software installation. Are they having any issues with this installation?

    The other question I had was, does the customer have admin rights on their machine when installing?



  • HI Kieran,

    I believe the customer has followed the procedure on multiple PC's. I have a windows 10 laptop and installed the sofware with no issues. However I don't have a board, so was wondering if you could send me a pic of what the device manager should look like after installm mine is attached, and I believe it is correct.

    I would like to verify the customer's comment on USB A and USB B, not sure why he would get this? There pic of device manager is above in original question attachments.



  • Hi Anita,

    When connected it should look like this: 

    Has the customer tried installing the ADF5610 Software separately?

    It looks like they tried to install the SDP drivers on their own. But can they try install the ADF5610 evaluation software to see if that works?



  • Kevin, 

    They are definitely not see the above. I am getting the board this afternoon, and will see what happens when I connect. Will advise.


  • They also have the ADF5610 eval s/w installed and is fine, but tells them to try and reconnect every 40secs, but does nothing.

  • Hi Kieiran,

    I have tried installing ADF5610 evaluation software only on a fresh laptop, and it still fails to identify the board on the evaluation software as shown below. It also only comes up USB Serial Converter A & B on the device tree.

  • The error message I'm getting from the ADF5610 evaluation software

    Also I checked on the programmed values on the FTDI chip on the SDP-S using FTDI_Prog. Doesn't seem like it is programmed with any Analog Device related information. Are these values valid?

  • Kieran, I got the board, and spent some time debugging it. I followed the exact steps in the User manual, and the board was not connecting. It looks like everything is powered correctly on the ADF5610 board, but no data is going over SPI, although it is receiving power etc. I have another SDP board arriving in the morning, and will see if that is the issue. I will let you know, Thanks, Anita

  • Anita,

    I've referred to a member of the SDP team on this. Here are some points they said to note:

    1. On the PC you are having difficulty with after installation, check if the SDP drivers are listed in the control panel in programs and features. (type 'sdp' in the search when in programs and features)

    2. Ensure the SDP board is disconnected from the PC during installation and no other SDP API based software running on their PC. 

    3. If you do have these drivers installed on the machine (listed in control panel), uninstall them and try to install the drivers that come with the ADF5610 software and then repeat the same check in programs under control panel.