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different swing coming in ORX in ADRV9009

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9009
Software Version:

HI Team,

I am working ZCU102 interface with ADRV9009,we are using AP mode  function ,we are tuning single lo(same lo) in multiple times Appling,  in each time different swing is  coming. ,

Thanks in advance 

  • Are you giving any input to the ORX port ? What is the signal level are you feeding to the ORx Port ?

    Below is the maximum input level which can be fed to the ORX port for different frequency ranges .

    Can you share the plots where you are seeing the ADC swing ?

    Are you using TALISE_ setRxTxEnable() function to control the ORx path ? 

    we are tuning single lo(same lo) in multiple times

    Why are you tuning same LO multiple times ? How much variation in swing  do you see each time you configure LO for all the times ?