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TES GUI Triggering via SMA

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9009 Zynq3
Software Version: GUI version

Hi Everyone, First time asking a question here.

We have a Zynq-3 Eval board which is running TES GUI software which has been updated for the ADRV9009 to the latest software. everything works.

Our problem is with the triggering. The SMA trigger VIA RX path.

The trigger works and data appears only momentarily before it disappears. Is this visual only? or I have a finite amount of time to click the save button.

we would like to save the data for a single trigger event only.

thanks in advance,

  • The SMA trigger VIA RX path.

    What is your requirement ? Are you testing TDD or FDD? 

    Is there a sufficient trigger level on J68? 

    Are you able to capture RX trigger with Immediate mode ?

  • Hi Vanitha,

    Our requirement is testing for both TDD and FDD. we are also in the initial stages of just triggering for just the raw data.

    our SMA trigger is connected on j68 and  our logic level indicated 2.5V(also tried 3.3v)

    Immediate mode works. but trigger does not.

    when ExtSma is selected, I can see the API call to change the triggering

    but when I  press play to initiate the data collection

    the API changes back to immediate.

    am I doing something wrong? is there an api that waits for the trigger and initiates data capture after?

    I am willing to just run this in python if the gui is not viable.

    thank you,

  • Can you try to capture the RX data like below and see if you are able to capture using EXT_SMA trigger .

    Link.FpgaTalise.SetRxCaptureSamples(FpgaTalise.RxCapture.Rx2DataMover , 245760)
    print "rx capture start"

    rx_data = Link.ReadRam(Link.FpgaTalise.FpgaChannel.Rx2,0,245760)
    print "rx capture stop"

  • I tried this script. If I just use the basic setup with just connection


    the radio does not come one and trigger just captures junk from the ram

    rx_data = Link.ReadRam(Link.FpgaTalise.FpgaChannel.Rx2,0,245760)

    if I follow the GUI and initialize that way Radio is on and the trigger does work with your script.but the contents of the register and ram are  zero out.

    is there a full script(including initialization) on your end that works for you?having 0s for register and ram is very peculiar.


    Program the chip using GUI, then run the attached script in immediate trigger mode. Check the RX capture. Then change the immediate trigger to ExtSma and then capture the data.

  • Hi Srimoyi, thank you for jumping on this.

    I have been running that script previously with similar issue.

    Here are the scenarios:

    1.Program using GUI, disconnect, and run the script (the radio is on using getRadiostate). but the Ram content is junk. meaning data does not get transferred to it. its the same content if the radio was off. this is in immediate mode triggering. if I reprogram while the board running and run the script again it will zero out the content of ram.

    2. Program using GUI, and I switch to the "Receive data" tab in Gui where the following API gets called

    and press "run" following api gets called.

    This displays the correct RF data (i q).

    going back to the script after disconnecting it will output all zeros from read ram function. Meaning the Script changes the settings of the board.

    are you getting valid data using your script in immediate and extsma mode?via your method?

    would it be possible to see the code for the gui during data capture and not just api log. I think the view api does not display everything. we have switched boards and cards and the same issue on both.

  • Program using GUI, disconnect, and run the script (the radio is on using getRadiostate).

    Do not disconnect from the GUI and run the script . Please connect to the GUI, Program the chip, Play the data in the RX tab and then run the script shared by us . 

    Hope you are giving input from sig generator . Are you playing  the data in the RX tab and then trying to Read Ram contents and also capture the RX data ? Once the script successfully runs you should be able to see the RX IQ data captured into a file .

    Can you please explain the setup about how you are trying to give the trigger to the board ?

    but the Ram content is junk. meaning data does not get transferred to it

    You should not see junk content in the RAM  but you see some data like this below .