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how to change the IP address of Zync platform (EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3).

Product Number: ARDV9009 evaluation board


my name is Haim Litvak

I works with EVB of ADRV9009

I want to know how to change the IP address of Zync platform (EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3).

Please advise



  • I hope you are waiting for 3 to 5 minutes once you turn on the board to make sure that the image loads properly and then try connecting with the TES GUI.

    Can you uninstall and install the TES GUI again and try connecting. 

    Can you try checking whether the two LED's (D501 and D502) on the Eval Board  are on?

    Once you are connected , Update the platform files by navigating to Tools > Update >Platform Files. The TES automatically updates files on the Zynq SD card and reboots the ADRV board .

    First try with the default IP first , and with port number 55555.  Can you share us the snippet of the connection failed error which you are getting while connecting to the TES GUI ?

  • Hi Vanitha,

    I succeed to connect to EVB from stand alone PC that not connected to Network.

    I used the IP address according with user guide. TES EVB IP:, TES SW in PC IP is:

    In the future, could you verify please how to connect from EVB TES SW (ZYNQ707 board) to PC SW TES with other address than appears in user guides. I suggest to test this procedure in your setup, before send to me.



  • Hi Vanitha,

    I started to test the RX 1 path of EV board of ADRV9009.

    I set the signal generator to Freq. =1.801GHz with Pout=-9dBm (-9dBm should be Full Scale Power input according with Data sheet) and connect the output of Signal Generator to RX1 of ADRV9009.(Ref. Clock and Tallise loaded successfully- according with LED's in ZYNQ and ADRV9009)

    In Tallise: RX path: the RX 1 LO Frequency=1.8GHz,

    RX 1 Gain Table Index =255 (0 attenuation, or maximal Gain).

    I received the in GUI the "Fund Freq"=1MHz -  tone with Power =-21dBFS. The expected Power is ~-1 or 2dB from Full Scale

    Could you explain please?



  • It seems that you are not getting expected power level at the output of the ADRV9009 Receiver .

    Are you checking with CW tone or modulated signal ? 

    Can you try checking with 1810MHz signal i.e.  10MHz away from LO .

    Can you test at -15dBm, -20dBm power level  and read the RX DEC power at each case. 

    Also can you try reading back the RX1 gain index set ?

  • Hi Vanitha,

    I detected the "root cause" of the problem with RX Power Input. The problem was in RF cable. I replaced the RF cable. 

    After replaced the RF cable I received the expected Power Input levels.

    For Pin=-9dBm and RX 1 Gain Index=255, I received the ~0dBFS, and in time scale: I , Q Levels=~+/-32000. For CW=1MHz and 10MHz.