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ADRV9008-1 TIA LP filter and AGC

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9008-1

We are currently evaluating the AGC of an ADRV9008-1. We are setting up the receiver profile to 200MHz baseband bandwidth which sets the TIA baseband filter to 100MHz for each I and Q.

The AGC is enabled and setup to respond to the received signal changes. However, we have noticed that the AGC is responding also to adjacent signals (~400MHz) outside of the TIA bandwidth.

It seems like the TIA rejection outside of the baseband bandwidth is low and the analog peak detector and RMS power detectors used by the AGC are seeing the adjacent signals. According to UG1295 there are some additional digital filtering but these are after the power detectors used by the AGC.

I am trying to figure out a receiver profile to get the AGC to respond only to changes in power within the baseband bandwidth. Could you provide any advice?

Below is the profile I am using and the Rx filter response from the GUI: