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ZC706 + ADRV9009 Linux image SD card - boot crash


I have a ZC706 board from Xilinx and I want to run TES for the ADRV9009.

I found this link and downloaded the zipped folder

Under Windows 10 I copied all the contents to a 8GB SD card and install it on the ZC706.

The ZC706 boot and crash just after displaying the Linux Penguin.

What I make wrong ?

Thanks Panou

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  • Thanks I was able to program the FRU EEPROM on our ADRV9009 EEPROM.  But TES can still not connect to the ZC706. Do you know what should be displayed on the HDMI screen of the ZC706 running the ADRV9009 image ?. In other words how I can be sure that the ZC706 is running the ADRV9009 image ?

    Unfornatatly I don't have access to the ADRV9009 eval board to double-check