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How to use the NCOs in the ADRV9009

I am very interested in how to use the Tx and Rx NCOs in the ADRV9009.  A couple of questions:

1.  Am I correct that this is a new feature (not available in AD9371 or AD936x)?  

2.  I did find the taliseRx(Tx)NcoShifter api commands, for us with the "IF conversion stage."  But is there a way I can access these with TES?  I see a grayed out box "RxDdcResponse" that seems like it has the right functions.  But it is always grayed out.  

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  • For TX, there is a TALISE_enableTxNco() API for transmitting a test tone in the digital section of the device.

    The IF conversion stages is there only for the RX datapath in which it provides the user with the ability to change how the received data is presented to the JESD204B port. Hence the NCO shift is valid only for the Rx path and the API to do so is: