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MCS Procedure

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9002

ADRV9002 multi-chip synchronization.

We are trying to synchronize two transceivers witin one ADRV9002 chip.

Following the Reference Manual (chapter: Multi-chip synchronization), we send 6 pulses to the MCS input (MCS+ and MCS- pins, LVDS, produced by the AD9528 chip).

Unfortunately, the procedure does not end successfully. After the fifth pulse, the system was stuck in this state. According to Table 42 / page 100 of the Reference Manual, function: adi_adrv9001_Mcs_SwStatus_Get(), returns: MCSSWSTATUS_DEVICE_PULSE5_RECEIVED

Can we get more detailed documentation regarding MCS in ADRV9002 ?



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