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Tx Data Output Distortion in Low Temperature

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9002


In User Guide, it is mentioned that "The dwell period is the "on air" time, where the channel is in RF enabled state. The dwell period can be any length of time the user requires to operate on frequency".

I am using LO Mux mode and I want to control the time when channel RF is enabled in a Hop Frame. 

In short, how can I control the length of "green arrow" in Transition part. 

I am asking this because when the temperature reaches around -40 degrees, the signal I observe on Tx output is distorted. I observe a meaningless signal(around -10dBm) in the part where I normally give 0 as data, when I continue decreasing the temperature this unwanted signal enlarges and starts distorting the meaningful data part in Dwell Time.

When the temperature is normalized(Increased to room temperature) over time, the distortion on Tx signal also disappears.

The behaviour is like this:

So I thought maybe limiting the dwell time to the part where I give meaningful data would be a solution. Or what else would you suggest?

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