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SDK24 Crashes when reading Warmboot Coefficients

Category: Software
Product Number: c0
Software Version: v68.8.1


I am working with the last release SDK24 for Adrv9001. I am having problem when reading Warmboot coefficients using  adi_adrv9001_cals_InitCals_WarmBoot_Coefficients_UniqueArray_Get() function. I get DataAbort error.
The structure is exactly same as given here: Using Warmboot Via API - Documents - TES GUI & Software Support ADRV9001 – ADRV9007 - EngineerZone (

I am able to load previously stored warmboot coefficients(coefficients I have read using SDK21 are stored in an external array) but I can not get new wb coefficients.

Is this feature working correctly in this SDK release?

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