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advr9002 on ZCU106

Category: Hardware
Product Number: advr9002

I've successfully transferred the ADRV9002 to the ZCU106 board using the ZCU102 reference project and compiled the Linux component with Yocto layers provided by Analog Devices. Following the creation of the Navassa_LVDS_profile.json file through Analog Devices' application, I set the output sampling frequency to 61.44 MHz, and the RF channel bandwidth to 10 MHz. However, when inspecting the output with a spectrum analyzer, I'm observing a RF channel bandwidth  result of 5 MHz instead of the anticipated 10 MHz.

When querying the Linux side using the command cat sys/bus/devices/iio:device1/out_voltage0_sampling_frequency, I observe a value of 61440000, which is consistent with the intended configuration.
Nevertheless, RF channel bandwidth  result of 5 MHz on the spectrum analyzer.Expeteced result is 10Mhz
What is the Problem ? How can ı solve this issue ?


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