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B0 and C0 Silicon versions of ADRV9002

Dear team,

We just noticed that ADRV9002 B0 Silicon is not being supported anymore, and TES v0.15 is the last version of SW that does. (Reference: )

Additionally, it is referred that the silicon version depends on the purchasing date, and especially that “All boards sold since the middle of December have been C0, we no longer ship the B0 silicon”. (Reference: )

It is also referred in the same link that the stickers on the boards denote the silicon version as follows:

  • ADRV9002NP/W1=0.03-3GHz and ADRV9002NP/W2=3-6GHz are B0.
  • ADRV9002XBCZNP/W1=0.03-3GHz and ADRV9002XBCZNP/W1=3-6GHz are C0.

What you describe in the above links is not what we have experienced.

We ordered late January and received early February from Richardson RFPD two pieces of ADRV9002NP/W1/PCBZ which they have B0 silicon.

Then, we also ordered late February and received early March from Richardson RFPD two pieces of ADRV9002NP/W2/PCBZ which they have also B0 silicon.

As you can see, although we want to be very early followers of this technology and use it in our starting projects, we ended now with 4 brand new evaluation boards with no further follow-on SW support and this is not good for us.

Is there a way we could exchange a couple of these EVMs with C0 based EVMs?

And more important:

  • Even if we now make a new purchase order how can we be sure that we will get C0 silicon?
  • Is there a C0 silicon release roadmap and associated EVMs?
  • Where can we found a silicon errata document?

Please, also notice that in your website they are still promoted the ADRV9002NP/W1/PCBZ and ADRV9002NP/W2/PCBZ, the same with ours, which are B0 boards.

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.