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Make a new SD card for the ADRV9002 SDK

My SD card got corrupted.

Where do I go to make a new SD card that will work for the ZC706 and the ADRV9002?

I want to make sure I duplicate the same SD card that came with the board.



fixed the fpga board name
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  • Hi Charly,

    There should be 2 SD cards in the kit you have. Do you not have 2? It's also advisable to backup the SD card image in some way if you can, like on your laptop or PC. Given the nature of the contents of the SD card there's quite a lot of red tape to go through before we can make the image publicly available, and as such it currently isn't publicly available.

    If you don't have the spare SD card, or any other saved copy of the image, then we may need to figure out some other solution.