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GUI connection issue

I have trouble connecting to the board using the evaluation software (TES). Getting GUI pop-up error.

  • First make sure the physical connection with the FPGA board is strong and firm. In addition TES provides a feature to forcibly update the SD card. This button can be found in "File -> Force Update Platform…

  • Hello,
    I have also connection problems. ADRV9002 + ZYNQ702

    The directory /home/analog/adrv9001_server/resources/Adi.Adrv9001.Server/
    contains Adrv9001Server_B0_29.2.0

    Ping in both directions is ok.

    How can I star the server manualy?

    Best regards

  • Hi Stefan,

    You can manually start the server by navigation to that 'Adi.Adrv9001.Server/' folder and then running:


    This should manually start the server. While the server is starting it will attempt to connect to the ADRV9002 device. If this connection attempt fails then the server will fail, so make certain the device is connected securely and operational. If the server starts successfully the command prompt indicate that the server is waiting for something to connect to it. At this point go to TES on your host laptop and connect to the platform. If TES connects you should be good to go, it'd be unlikely that you'll need to perform this step again.

    If you continue having issues capture a screenshot of the command prompt output and post it here, we'll take a look at it and provide next steps.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Oisin,

     if inserted the second SD Card (AD_FMC_SDCARD) the phy can be found:

    root@analog:~# iio_attr -d
    IIO context has 5 devices:
    iio:device0, ams: found 1 device attributes
    iio:device1, adrv9002-phy: found 1 device attributes
    iio:device2, axi-adrv9002-rx-lpc: found 0 device attributes
    iio:device3, axi-adrv9002-tx-lpc: found 0 device attributes
    iio_sysfs_trigger: found 2 device attributes

  • Hi Stephan,

    If you use that second SD card you'd be using the IIO Scope software to connect to the device. This software is supported by a different team, we'd be happy to direct you to them if you decide to carry on with that software.

    For the TES SD Card, I noticed that you're pinging Our server expects the laptop's ethernet connection to be at These requirements are listed in the ADV9001 Evaluation System section of the User Guide. Is there anything stopping you from setting the laptop's IP address? If so we can try to accommodate or adapt to it.

    Failing this, what sometimes works is a redownload of the TES software and a reimage of the SD card. If all else fails we'll circle back to this option.

    Let me know if any of this helps! If not I'll consult with the team.

    Best Regards,


  • IP does not help. I used the IIO SD card only to test the principal hardware function.
    I will redownload and reimage the TES SD card.

  • Hello Oisin,,

    I have no luck with the TES image.

    I put the image (adrv9001-tes-sdcard.zipà 65883SD01.img) on the SD card several times. With this card the ZCU702 Board does not boot: I think the image is for the ZC706.
    After copying the three files:

    from the other SD card (directory zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9002) to the root directory of the TES card the system boot. But the server doesn’t start.

    It would be very helpful, if you provide an image of the zcu102/adrv9002 TES configuration.

  • Hello again,

    Upon re-reading your issue I noticed that you're using the ZCU702 board, rather than the ZC706. I apologise for not seeing that detail before. The current release does not support the ZCU702, however the next release will. The next software release is not long away, I can't confirm the exact date, but it should be very soon.

    Do also take a look at the "Documents" tab of this forum. The next release of software will require an update to the SD card in order to accommodate the changes made. One of our engineers has written a guide on how to update the SD card to the version 12 release (the current release). When the next release is published the new SD card image will be available for download, and a new guide will be published on how to update to the version 13 image.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Oisin,

    We also got a trouble. 

    We used the "" image on ZC706,

    But print Failed to start Load Kernel Modules, and could not find the folder "Adi.Adrv9001.server"

    What can we do to solve this situation???