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    I'm following these instructions to build a executable file using Xilinx SDK under windows and I have some issues as below.

    1. I've added API code(v3534.0) and "headless.c" generated by TES to the project, but the definition of functions in common.h seems to be missed. Are these functions "fpga specific files" mentioned in the NOTE part? Can you give me some details about them and how to get them(we are using ZC706 platform and adrv9371 HDL reference design)?

    2. We also tried a historic API code(v3528.0) which has the file common.c but four header files("spi.h", "fpga_axi.h", "timer.h", "logging.h") in common.c are missed. 

    3. Once the API code is built successfully, a executable file can be generated by SDK. I wonder if I can simply move the file to linux OS and run it?


  • 'common.h' list down the functions whose definitions need to be filled with code specific to your platform. You can use older 'common.c' for reference to see how to fill the definition.

    other header files("spi.h", "fpga_axi.h", "timer.h", "logging.h") are specific to our implementation and please refer to following post to understand more about them.

    you need to run tcfagent on zc706 . Based on project properties

    connect via uart serial port

    /home/analog# sudo tcfagent -d

    Based on what path you mention in debug configuration ( right click project , Debug As-> Debug Configurations..)

    Or otherwise you can directly build on zc706 with a normal Linux build with makefile.

  • Thanks for reply.

    Would you please share these header files("spi.h", "fpga_axi.h", "timer.h", "logging.h") that work with ZC706 platform and ADRV9371 evaluation kit?  Then we can use this complete API code as a reference to make it easier to customize our own design.


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