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When I load my Matlab generated profile in TES and generate C code initialization scripts, the board pll doesn't lock

Hi, as the title says, I am having problems with making my TX-RX profiles to work with the board and no-os code.

I have a specific requirement for the TX and RX filters so I had to use the Matlab profile generator. My IQ sampling rate is the supported 153.6MHz using the onboard crystal oscillator. Whenever I use the generated myk.c and myk_ad9528init.c files, the ad9371 pll does not lock.

When I generate the myk.c and myk_ad9528init.c from one of the default profiles in TES (TX/RX BW =100MHz, IQrate=153.6MHz) and use it, the board initialize without a problem. Also, I confirmed that it transmits the 1MHz sine wave and also receives it when I loop it back.

Now my thoughts are

1. The Matlab generated profiles worked when I load it and run it in TES . I was able to transmit and receive a signal through a loopback. The problem is when I generate the script and run them in no Os code. So I guess this is a bug in the TES script generation of myk.c and myk_ad9528init.c?

2. Because the non-default profile and default profile have the same IQ rate and TX-RX carrier frequencies, I would assume that they should have the same myk_ad9528init.c contents. Is this correct? While the two files are very similar, they are not the same. So what I did is to use the myk_ad9528init.c from the default profile to replace my non-default profile and indeed the ad9371 pll locked! However, there is no output from the Transmitter. The receiver works fine though.

I attached my profiles for reference.
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