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AD9371 custom profile:calibration error

Hello everyone,I develop AD9371 in my custom board.I create custom profile with AD9371 Filter wizard v1.10,  Here is my custom profile:

I  load custom file into AD9371 Transceiver Evaluation Software to get c script,

The first question is :I found my code will return error when execute  mykError = MYKONOS_initArm(&mykDevice);

the error is MYKONOS_ERR_INITSER_INV_VCODIV1_HSCLK_PARM,I check the data structure found the mykonosClocks is:

However in the function  MYKONOS_setupSerializers(&mykDevice) which is called by MYKONOS_initArm(&mykDevice),It said  when VCO divider is 1,the max vco frequency is 8000MHz,But the data structure produced by GUI is 9600000KHz,this is the reason why return error.


So this may be a bug in the GUI.

I manually change the vco divider with VCODIV_3,It will run OK.

The second questions is:It will return error when execute

mykError = MYKONOS_waitInitCals(&mykDevice, 60000, &errorFlag, &errorCode);

the errorFlag is 0x07 and the errorcode is 0x03.

I have totally  no idea why this is happen.Besides,When i use the standard profile which is provided by AD9371 Transceiver Evaluation Software.It will not return the error.I don't konw if there is something wrong with the custom profile.

Besides when I use the custom profile like this:

It will return the same error(mykError = MYKONOS_waitInitCals(&mykDevice, 60000, &errorFlag, &errorCode);the errorFlag is 0x07 and the errorcode is 0x03.).

Do anyone konw the reason?