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Algorithm negotiation fail

Category: Software
Product Number: EK-Z7-ZC706-G
Software Version: The lastone


I'm using the AD9371 Transceiver Evaluation Software but when I try to connect I have the next error message: Algorithm negotiation fail; Platform problem: Algorithm negotiation fail. On the right botoom corner I have the nextone message: Please update SD card, but I have the last version of OS.

Now, I have a setup with both boards on a AP and my host PC too using DHCP for IP configuration. When I do "ping" between my PC and the boad I get a connection and the other way around as well. I have unzipped the src folder (Wideband RF Transceiver Evaluation Software | Analog Devices) in the directory "/" on my board, I dont have run nothing of this new directory because I dont have read about it.


  • Are you using ADI eval board or custom board? TES GUI connects only with our EVB platform. 

    Which SD card are you using ? Make sure you use the TES based SD card for windows TES GUI . I hope you are using the same SD-card. Download it from the below link:

    We have two SD-Cards given with the board , Use the one with 'Windows based TES/ ADRV9371-SDCARD' on it.

    Please follow TRANSCEIVER EVALUATION SOFTWARE section  from UG-992 about how to get started with the TES GUI and how to configure the AD9371 TES GUI .Place the SW11 toggle switches in the positions as shown in the below figure (Toggle Switch 1, Toggle Switch 2, and Toggle Switch 5 = Position A.

    Once you power on Is the board booting?  LED will blink in sequence until boot is completed.

    Also please refer to the below troubleshooting guide for issues related to TES connection.