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How to configure DPD in AD9375

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9375


We are trying to configure the DPD in AD9375 with the default configuration that is given in the myk_init.c.

There is no any detailed coding sequence so, We are following the below mentioned sequence.

  • Radio Off
  • Abort Init cals
  • Enabling DPD in the TXProfile Structure
  • Configuring DPD
  • run init cals with DPD_INIT
  • wait init cals
  • getting the Enabled Tracking calMasks
  • enabling the Tracking cals by adding TRACK_TX1_DPD with the existing tracking calMasks
  • Radio ON
  • Changing the ORX Path to OBS_INTERNALCALS

With the above mentioned sequence waitInitCals is getting failed with an error "myKonos_WaitInitCals() returned an ARM Error", errorcode  = 0 and errorFlag = 0;

we don't know whether any additional calibration or other dependencies is required for the DPD Configurations.

If anything wrong with the above sequence, Kindly share a working sequence to configure DPD.

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi,

    I am using C for my application and I referred the above given link (2nd).

    I need to configure the DPD in run time like we are doing in the AD9375 DPD GUI, but the code is used to configure the DPD while initializing the chip.

    I am following the below mentioned sequence:

    • RadioOff
    • Configuring DPD
    • abortInitCals
    • RunInitCals with DPD_INIT
    • WaitInitCals
    • GetEnabledTrakingCals
    • EnableTrakingCals with  TRACK_ORX1_QEC and TRACK_TX1_DPD
    • Radio On
    • ObsPathSelection as OBS_INTERNALCALS

    whenever I am trying to configure the chip with this sequence, it is getting failed at "waitInitCals()" and returned with an Error "282" stating "Unknown error was encountered",  errorFlag as 7 and ErrorCode as 15.

    But there is no error code 15 in the UG998. Please provide the significance of this error code.

    Also, I tried DPD with Analog devices DPD GUI using Evaluation board. in the GUI on clicking the DPD Adaptation radio button under PA calibration tab, DPD was successfully observed.

    Can you please share the Function calls and sequence in which they are being initiated on clicking the  DPD Adaptation radio button?



  • Can you try running only DPD init cals?

    Try following the below steps:

    • Enable TX data
    • Configuring DPD, run DPD init cals
    • WaitInitCals
    • GetEnabledTrakingCals
    • EnableTrakingCals with  TRACK_TX1_DPD