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How to configure DPD in AD9375

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9375


We are trying to configure the DPD in AD9375 with the default configuration that is given in the myk_init.c.

There is no any detailed coding sequence so, We are following the below mentioned sequence.

  • Radio Off
  • Abort Init cals
  • Enabling DPD in the TXProfile Structure
  • Configuring DPD
  • run init cals with DPD_INIT
  • wait init cals
  • getting the Enabled Tracking calMasks
  • enabling the Tracking cals by adding TRACK_TX1_DPD with the existing tracking calMasks
  • Radio ON
  • Changing the ORX Path to OBS_INTERNALCALS

With the above mentioned sequence waitInitCals is getting failed with an error "myKonos_WaitInitCals() returned an ARM Error", errorcode  = 0 and errorFlag = 0;

we don't know whether any additional calibration or other dependencies is required for the DPD Configurations.

If anything wrong with the above sequence, Kindly share a working sequence to configure DPD.

Thanks in advance