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IIO Oscilloscope software Send LTE20.mat with the ZCU102 ADRV9009 , BandWith is not correct in the CXA Signal Analyzer.

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Product Number: ZCU102 ADRV9009 Software Oscillocope

Dear All:

          We use the ZCU102 Xilinx testboard + ADRV9009-W/PCBZ RF transceiver card. We find that the bandwidth of LTE20.mat is not correct.

The operating steps is following:

1. ZCU102 testboard startup form SD Card.

2. The software version in the SD card is downlaoded form the web: . We update the version of SD card form the web: and copy the relative image to the root.
3. We downlaod the IIO Oscillocope versin (adi-osc-setup.exe) form the web: And setup the software in the windows 10 PC.
4. We use the OSC software and send the LTE20.mat data in the sample data of the path: IIO Oscilloscope\lib\osc\waveforms\LTE20.mat (OSC setup path).
5. We find that the frequecy bandwith is about 160M Hz. We expected that the bandwith of LTE20.mat is 20M Hz.

We do not know the cause of this result. Would you please help us?

Thanks a lot.

The attach files are the picture of Signal Analyzer and LTE20.mat.