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ADRV9009 and ZCU102

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9009
Software Version: TES GUI version

My end goal is to run the ADRV9009 from the ZCU102. I've done this in the past but something has been lost in my memory.

I've downloaded 2022-07-08-ADI-Kuiper-full.img, burned it onto an SD card, then copied the relevant BOOT.bin and the system.dtb from the zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9009 folder into the main folder on the SDP card. I've also copied the uimage file from the zynqmp-common folder to the main folder on the SD card.

My pc (Ethernet IPv4 wired adapter is connected to the ZCU102 board via ethernet cable and via USB to the UART port on the ZCU102 board.

  • When I try to connect via TES, I get the error ('can not connect to the device, please check IP address snd/or port #')
  • When I ping to from the pc, I get 'request timed out'
  • The device manager on the pc indicates four ports via the Silicon Labs CP2108 USB to UART bridge at ports COM9, COM11, COM12, COM13. I've tried to connect to all of these via Putty at 115200 but get no response

If I have a Putty session set up on COM11, then boot the ZCU102, I get a terminal message that says 'Power Advantage Demo v1.0.0'. Not sure if that's relevant, but maybe it tells us something. Other than that, I get nothing when trying to Putty to the other COM ports.

FYI - I have tried three different SD cards, the one that came with the ADRV9009, the one that I last used a few years ago, and one I just created now.

Maybe I should start with absolute basics to determine this problem. What pattern of lights should I see when booting the ZCU102 with this disk image?


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