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AD9375 DAC Output spur

Category: Software

I am using AD9375 interfaced with Xilinx Mpsoc +XCZU11EG. 

In DAC output, (DDS and NCO)I getting spurs around my Output frequency ( where delta is around 25kHz and 50kHz) which is degrading my SFDR . RBW - 100Hz, 

My sampling rate is 245.76MSPS and device  clock is 122.88MHz and single shot  SYSREF -> 0.96MHz

I have checked my clock output, i got exact frequency what i need which is attached below without spurs.

Then i checked all my Regulators OUTPUT.  In 25KHz , i am getting around -80dBm. (too Less)

 Kindly let me know why this is 25kHz ( Delta Tone) is there near to the output frequency