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AD9375 Power 100uF Decaps Query


We are designing power section of AD9375.

Query 1:  As per the attached image(highlighted) from User Guide, it suggests to have two 100uF Capacitors. Can you please let us know whether these two 100uF Decoupling capacitors are suggested for AD9375 or Regulators ? C601 and C602 are the capacitor references as per Eval Board.

Query 2: We have Board space constraints. The user guide/Evaluation Board suggests to have 100uF Decaps for few rails like VDDA_RXTX, VDDA_DES/JESD_VTT_DES, VDDA_SER, & VDIG . Can we have smaller Capacitance value as 100uF capacitors available are bigger in size(usually 0805/1210)  ? Are these capacitors very much required for these rails ?

Please clarify above two doubts.