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calling MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequency during run-time to change carrier Frequency

I want to call MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequency to change the RX and TX carrier frequency during run-time. Is it possible to call only MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequencysuch as

MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequency(&mykDevice, RX_PLLmykDevice.rx->rxPllLoFrequency_Hz)

MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequency(&mykDevice, TX_PLLmykDevice.tx->txPllLoFrequency_Hz)


should I need to repeat the entire initialization sequence

/* Perform a hard reset on the AD9528 DUT */

/* Initialize the AD9528 by writing all SPI registers */


/***** Mykonos enable tracking calibrations *****/