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AdiCmdServerClient with custom FPGA board and custom AD9375 board

Hello All,

As a demo, I made a custom AD9375 board working with the Xilinx ZC706 board using ADI TES SD-CARD. I am using Matlab (custom GUI) and AdiCmdServerClient to configure, load and read signal and setup DPD. Everything works well.

For my next demo, I designed a custom FPGA board using a Zynq (same type as ZC706). I modified the ADi FPGA design to fit the new hardware.  Compilation works well and I am able to run simple applications.

In order to re-use my Matlab GUI/code with my custom FPGA Board, I would need to use the API with AdiCmdServerClient and generate my own "TES SDCARD". Could you share the code using AdiCmdServerClient so I can generate my proper boot image? Or do I have to redo everything based on your No-OS example and an LWIP application?

Thank you for your support.



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