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What is the correct pinout for the AD9082 GPIO pins?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9082

The AD9082 data sheet (Rev C) shows two different pinouts for the GPIO pins.  One version is on page 21 of the data sheet (Rev C).  The other version is page 18 of the data sheet (Rev C).  These two versions don't match.

I am assuming that the page 18 version is the correct one, because it matches the eval board schematic 02-049648-02-J.pdf

Can you clarify which version is correct?


The pinout diagram is correct.  The table lists the pin numbers in  alpaha/numerical order.  Sorry for the confusion.

  • Thank you for clarifying so quickly.

    Is there a plan to update "Table 21.Pin Function Descriptions" to corelate the pin numbers with the correct names?