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Initilization Problem When Bypassing Channelizer Path

Category: Software

Hi, I am trying to test bypassing the channelizer path on AD9081 (Channelizer Interpolation Factor (N) = 1) in order to provide maximum data rate (1500 MSPS) limitation. However, I encountered an initilization problem. I can not see any spectrum when I debug it. After I programmed it, I read IRQ_STATUS_0 (0x0026) register different (DAC IRQ STATUS = 0xf043000000) than I expected on the serial terminal. I also see that it prints IRQ _Status0 = 0x0, ad9081_multichip_sync: 2  and ad9081_multichip_sync: 3. When I use interpolation factor (N > 1), I read this register as (DAC IRQ STATUS = 0xf043000040). I do not know what is the problem. Do you have any recommendation about this problem to solve it.