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Initilization Problem When Bypassing Channelizer Path

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Hi, I am trying to test bypassing the channelizer path on AD9081 (Channelizer Interpolation Factor (N) = 1) in order to provide maximum data rate (1500 MSPS) limitation. However, I encountered an initilization problem. I can not see any spectrum when I debug it. After I programmed it, I read IRQ_STATUS_0 (0x0026) register different (DAC IRQ STATUS = 0xf043000000) than I expected on the serial terminal. I also see that it prints IRQ _Status0 = 0x0, ad9081_multichip_sync: 2  and ad9081_multichip_sync: 3. When I use interpolation factor (N > 1), I read this register as (DAC IRQ STATUS = 0xf043000040). I do not know what is the problem. Do you have any recommendation about this problem to solve it. 

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on Sep 6, 2022 9:45 AM


Difficult to debug based on the information above.  

Are you using ACE software with ADI's evaluation board/ADS9-V2 FPGA board?  If so...............can you save and send us the configuration file along with the preferred IQ data rate.  Also.................can you send the "log file" that can be downloaded showing  the API calls and assoiciated SPI writes used to configure the device.

  • Hello,
    I am not using the ADS9-V2, I am using the NO-OS project from the branch 2021_R1. Should I share the log from this?
    Btw I receive this error only when I keep my N =1.

  • Moving to Mixer-Signal Front End (MxFE).

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