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How to control JESD204B in AD9081

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9081


I am having trouble controlling JESD204B in AD9081.

The JESD204B Setting for controlling the four DACs is as follows.

L                     8
M                   16
F                     4
S                     1
K                    32
N                   16
Daterate        250MSPS
Lanerate       10GHz

The JESD204B structure I think is as shown in the figure.

   (L = 8, M = 16, F = 4, S = 1, NP = 16)
  Frame 0
Lanes Octet 0 Octet 1 Octet 2 Octet 3
0 M0S0[15:8] M0S0[7:0] M1S0[15:8] M1S0[7:0]
1 M2S0[15:8] M2S0[7:0] M3S0[15:8] M3S0[7:0]
2 M4S0[15:8] M4S0[7:0] M5S0[15:8] M5S0[7:0]
3 M6S0[15:8] M6S0[7:0] M7S0[15:8] M7S0[7:0]
4 M8S0[15:8] M8S0[7:0] M9S0[15:8] M9S0[7:0]
5 M10S0[15:8] M10S0[7:0] M11S0[15:8] M11S0[7:0]
6 M12S0[15:8] M12S0[7:0] M13S0[15:8] M13S0[7:0]
7 M14S0[15:8] M14S0[7:0] M15S0[15:8] M15S0[7:0]

case : tx_start_of_frame [0001]

This is the JESD204 IP setting that I set.

If I send DATA to a specific TDATA,

EX) TDATA[127:96] <= IQ_DATA else ALL 0 input

The frequency moves normally by the value the output sent to TDATA.

Sending all of the DATA to TDATA[255:0] results in a strange output, just as multiple frequencies come out at the same time.

Is the structure I'm thinking wrong?

Or is there anything I can think of?