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How to control JESD204B in AD9081

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9081


I am having trouble controlling JESD204B in AD9081.

The JESD204B Setting for controlling the four DACs is as follows.

L                     8
M                   16
F                     4
S                     1
K                    32
N                   16
Daterate        250MSPS
Lanerate       10GHz

The JESD204B structure I think is as shown in the figure.

   (L = 8, M = 16, F = 4, S = 1, NP = 16)
  Frame 0
Lanes Octet 0 Octet 1 Octet 2 Octet 3
0 M0S0[15:8] M0S0[7:0] M1S0[15:8] M1S0[7:0]
1 M2S0[15:8] M2S0[7:0] M3S0[15:8] M3S0[7:0]
2 M4S0[15:8] M4S0[7:0] M5S0[15:8] M5S0[7:0]
3 M6S0[15:8] M6S0[7:0] M7S0[15:8] M7S0[7:0]
4 M8S0[15:8] M8S0[7:0] M9S0[15:8] M9S0[7:0]
5 M10S0[15:8] M10S0[7:0] M11S0[15:8] M11S0[7:0]
6 M12S0[15:8] M12S0[7:0] M13S0[15:8] M13S0[7:0]
7 M14S0[15:8] M14S0[7:0] M15S0[15:8] M15S0[7:0]

case : tx_start_of_frame [0001]

This is the JESD204 IP setting that I set.

If I send DATA to a specific TDATA,

EX) TDATA[127:96] <= IQ_DATA else ALL 0 input

The frequency moves normally by the value the output sent to TDATA.

Sending all of the DATA to TDATA[255:0] results in a strange output, just as multiple frequencies come out at the same time.

Is the structure I'm thinking wrong?

Or is there anything I can think of?

  • Hi ,

     The frame structure said by you is correct.   Firstly, you can do the serdes loopback test in FPGA  to confirm the 204 IP configuration is correct.  Then, you can set up the tx_dac_chan_xbar (see below )in  the uc_settings.c  file to mux the different data to different convertor to see the DAC output result. 

  • Hi,

    I'm glad that the frame structure I thought of is correct.

    As a result of debugging, my problem seems to be simply a chip temperature problem.

    I've taken a number of hardware steps to deal with the chip temperature problem.

    After solving some of ad9081's heating problems, it was confirmed that sending data to all TDATA resulted in accurate output from four DACs connected to individual FDDCs.

    However, it is a little unstable, so I think I need to pay attention to chip temperature management.

    Thank you!